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5 Private Island Getaways with “Crazy Rich Asians” Vibes

A short getaway to a nearby private island fit for Hollywood royalty is the perfect salve for tired urban souls.

Nov 03, 2018 | By Staff Writer

Granted, living in a bustling city that never stops hustling, with endless meetings in the day and after-work socialising at night, can take its toll on us and it is no surprise that a burnout would likely occur come Friday. The fatigue ultimately makes one ache for a weekend away from the noise to disconnect from all communication devices. The unbearable lightness of being uncontactable and staying far, far away from that client or ex can be the best reprieve – lying low with a cap, a pair of sunglasses, and not talk to anyone. Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved at the local weekend brunch spot.

You then plan a holiday, map out the places to Instagram, and arrive at the resort only to see your neighbour checking in at the reception next to you. It seems easier to bump into someone you know in an Asian city or nearby resort than at the neighbourhood supermarket, considering how well travelled Singaporeans are these days. Enter private islands that can be reached in just a few hours – pack the bags on Friday night and be on an exclusive tropical island by Saturday morning. Unlike a long-term sabbatical where one re-evaluates life in the remote mountains or desert, getting off the grid for a short amount of time (two days to be exact) is a power boost or speedy recharge to the mind, body, and soul.

Bawah Reserve


The ultimate hideaway, Bawah Island is just three hours away from Singapore via a short ferry ride from Batam or a direct 75-minute private seaplane flight. Previously uninhabited until the second half of 2017, it is a marine conservation area comprising untouched islands, crystal-clear lagoons, and beaches. With 35 eco-designed suites and overwater bungalows offering relative seclusion to guests, Bawah Island allows a maximum of 70 guests at any one time with its status as a private island. Guests are encouraged to explore the island; highlights include climbing up to a wood-panelled library in the treetops for some reading respite.


Pulau Joyo

Blessed with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Pulau Joyo is an idyllic beach getaway with attentive staff and beautiful sunsets. The houses built on the private island are made of driftwood and well spread apart to offer ultimate privacy. While there is a central pool shared by all, the limited amount of occupancy still ensures private quality time. Interestingly, meals are held at different spots on the island to make every dining experience refreshing.

This article was written by Rachel Ong. Read the full story at here.

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