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A New Glam Retreat Rises On the Black Sand Beach in Santorini, Greece

And for the best part: the game-changing view of waking up to a splash of purple across the black sand when the sun rises in the morning. 

Aug 12, 2018 | By Lynette Kee

With its reputation of picturesque panorama and romantic sunsets, the lush landscape of Santorini makes an ideal backdrop for the island’s newest wonder, Istoria, a glamorous retreat set across the Perivolos Beach. Located where the crystalline azure waters meet volcanic black sand, this luxury hotel is a boutique property designed for sophisticated travellers.

Istoria Santorini: A New Architectural Narrative to the Iconic Island

The name Istoria is derived from a Greek word “story”. Designed by Athens-based firm Interior Design Laboratorium, the hotel definitely lives up to name. While every other building in Santorini town displays a clean, white-washed aesthetic, Istoria Santorini offers an alternative narrative, inspired by storytelling. Within its perfectly weathered looking walls is a refined mix of classic Grecian motifs and contemporary elements, characterised by exquisite pieces of wooden furniture and mosaic flooring.


Situated along the 2-mile long Perivolos Beach, the hotel spans 40-50sqm with only 12 suites – ideal for travellers who prefer a quiet retreat away from the usual tourist-clogging spots. The Istoria hotel is designed in sections for tourists to explore as more architectural chapters unfold. From the wooden entrance to the open lobby featuring the infinity pool (a necessary modern amenity), every corner of the property embraces the needs of a modern sophisticated traveller.

The 12 suites, for example, all come in the form of verdant terraces that also feature outdoor hot tubs or pool as an added touch of private refuge to the resplendent haven.

Apart from the stunning interior, the location where the hotel resides plays a big part in completing the ultimate luxury travel experience. The beach is situated far from tourist-laden boats, hence, boasting one of the best swims in the region, not to mention the sparkly, contrasting black sand setting the perfect scene for tourist to take a stroll with a glass of fine wine on hand, or explore the mile-long shore on horseback.

Rest assured that this hotel also provides any services one would have in mind for a flawless, self-indulgent holiday – such as spa on the premise which includes wraps, massage and facials; a Michelin-starred restaurant featuring a culinary wonder influenced by the island itself; and a sublime wine selection.

And for the best part: the game-changing view of waking up to a splash of purple across the black sand when the sun rises in the morning.

To discover more untold story of Santorini, visit Istoria.

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