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The Oil Nut Bay Beachfront Villa is a Multi-Generational Island Escape

The Oil Nut Bay beachfront villa can house up to 12 guests at a time, promising optimal seclusion, connectivity, and convenience.

Dec 15, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

Committed to creating a sustainable, luxury community that preserves the natural integrity and beauty of the island, Oil Nut Bay developer and Chairman of Victor International Corporation, David V. Johnson, set out on a decade-long search for an idyllic locale which speaks to his personal investment in the distinctive community. Extending well beyond a showcase of artful expertise, Oil Nut Bay is rooted in the dream of creating a sustainable home amidst a private island paradise.

The Oil Nut Bay Beachfront Villa is a Multi-Generational Island Escape

Upholding a mission to nurture both the land and its people, Oil Nut Bay consists of 117 home sites spread out across over 400 acres, with at least 50% of land dedicated to sustaining the open, natural landscape. Through low-density planning, each property can celebrate the diverse topography of the island and highlight its majestic sea views.

Characterised by state-of-the-art infrastructure—complete with a network of underground utilities— Oil Nut Bay is home to a variety of ready-to-build sites that are consciously developed with careful consideration of both the natural landscape and homeowners alike. In fact, the organisation’s architectural guidelines include the use of natural building materials and colours to protect the beauty, coherence, and value of all properties.

Constructed to meet LEED energy standards, which are based on a Green Building Rating System developed by the U.S, Oil Nut Bay is committed to maintaining the environmental integrity of the land which its rests upon, by not only paying meticulous attention to detail throughout the design process, but by also offering unique consultancy services in order to maintain the highest levels of energy efficiency.

Amidst a multitude of luxurious accommodations, Oil Nut Bay’s most notable selection includes its namesake beach house. Dubbed the Oil Nut Bay beach house, this family-friendly six bedroom beachfront villa allows guests to escape the city in style. Punctuated by two large master bedrooms, each including a private outdoor shower garden, this spectacular villa showcases four additional bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, direct access to the beautiful white sand beach of Oil Nut Bay, a sleek, contemporary design with floor-to-ceiling glass windows throughout, dark wood finishes and white marble accents, two 6-passenger electric carts for transportation, a generous outdoor terrace with large pool, ample lounging areas, oversized covered dining table and path to beach, and a main living area complete with a full kitchen, dining area, sitting room, private office and stunning walkout patio.

Spanning an estimated 5,807 sq.ft., the Oil Nut Bay beachfront villa can house up to 12 guests at one time, and is worth approximately USD $19.5M. Promising optimal seclusion, connectivity, and convenience, Oil Nut Bay is situated on the north-eastern tip of Virgin Gorda in the beautiful North Sound. Accessible via boat of helicopter, Oil Nut Bay is a multi-generational destination offering something-for-any-age-group activities, whilst encouraging an appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.

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