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The Ideal Kitchen: In Perfect Harmony

European kitchen manufacturer, Foster presents sleekly crafted appliances designed to suit a variety of spaces and lifestyle needs.

Jan 14, 2018 | By Palace

Harmony, as perceived through Foster’s latest range of kitchen essentials, is a theme that inspires a sense of completion, a unity formed through the uniqueness of parts forged with the highest level of Italian production. Offering not only products but comprehensive solutions for the perfect kitchen system, Foster presents sleekly crafted appliances designed to suit a variety of spaces and lifestyle needs.

Now distributed under Ideal Kitchen in Singapore, the brand’s exclusive showroom features an extensive range of sinks; mixer taps; gas cooker, induction and electric hobs; ovens; hoods and many more, perhaps making Ideal Kitchen one of the largest “single-brand” showrooms in the region.

With certainly a lot to select from, you could purchase a single unit, or design your entire kitchen with a full array of high-performance appliances and accessories. Along with a commitment to quality and performance, the brand also bears a social responsibility for the environment, ensuring that products are manufactured with high efficiency coupled with environmental awareness.

Foster – S4000 Line XL hobs

For those who enjoy cooking, Foster’s new model KE Line and S4000 Line XL hobs are the perfect solution for days where gastronomic delights are on the menu. This new generation of high-performance hobs feature burners that have up to 20-25 per cent gas saving properties when compared to traditional hobs, as well as increased maximum power.

Whilst KE Line in-line cooker hobs inherit the functional arrangement of burners in a line, complemented with elegant frontal knobs, the S4000 line offers the option of practical cast iron pot supports which can be removed, placed in front of the hob, or used as a support for pots.

Pair these with the sleek S4000 hood for a neat and organised workspace, one that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional too. For example, the hoods come equipped with a futuristic-looking perimeter suction feature where filters are hidden by steel or crystal plates and suction occurs along the perimeter. Cleaning is made easier, with suction power and noise-levels also bearing significant improvement.

Creating kitchen harmony extends all the way to even the washing up, where Foster Uragano sinks glisten as sturdy and corrosion resistant AISI austenitic steel-made basins (also thanks to its high percentage of chrome and nickel, giving it a bright finish). “Uragano”, a reference to the large amount of water the product is able to house, comes in a variety of built-in variations and finishes and can also be integrated by welding into a custom-sized stainless-steel worktop.

Complete the look with the brand’s elegant mixer taps, a single lever faucet construction with rotating barrel and extractable showerhead allowing for free and easy movement. With an entire range of options to customise and build your own ideal kitchen, these are just a few of Foster’s signature offerings; each designed to fit seamlessly and harmoniously as a high-quality and efficient whole.,


Words by Olivia Lock

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