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Kifaru Unveils New Suite 47

The new model combines the old with the new in a retro style.

Jun 17, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

Designed by Luca Dini, the brand new Kifaru Suite 47 is a yacht that will appeal to those who cannot decide between a tech-savvy, sporty or luxurious yacht designs. The Suite 47 measures up nearly 14 meters and is described as a powerboat that derives its lines from the previous boats in the Kifaru family.

Keeping the Kifaru signature, the boat showcases a touch of retro style and a flush foredeck. For those looking to unwind, you will be happy to learn that the boat has a spacious sunbathing area in the cockpit thanks to the setees and a foldable table. Along with the sunbathing area is the galley with space for a sink and refrigerator, making it ideal for entertaining guests while the helmsmen’s station is located within the same area.

Described by the designer as a waterborne Bentley GT, the boat will be available in single and twin cabin versions that allow you to customise the interiors. Both versions will also include separate quarters for the crew members while the single cabin editions can be fitted with a galley and bathrooms. The interior of the boat will be styled with warm and inviting furnishings.

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