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Isaac Burrough Designs Catamaran Superyacht Concept

Isaac Burrough brings a design that would be the stuff of dreams for any catamaran or superyacht owner in future.

Aug 04, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

What can we tell you about a catamaran that you don’t already know? To be fair, catamarans are routinely misunderstood and we don’t have enough space here to get into it all but the one thing you should always remember is that catamarans have a space advantage over conventional yachts, as you’ll see in this concept yacht by Isaac Burrough. In this case of the new 60-meter sailing catamaran superyacht concept by Isaac Burrough, we can actually tell you a fair bit without getting pedantic. From luxurious amenities to spacious interiors, the concept is one that could rival a dream home. As you can tell more clearly from the picture below, this all still academic but a lesson worth looking into, we think.IB_60mCat_01_Front

To enter the superyacht, guests can use the private entry on the fold down hull door. One of the most attractive features — simply because it would make you do a double take — is the unique window design. Wrapping over the top of the structure, it provides a view of almost every angle in the room (think of all the star gazing one can do). Of course, this is reserved for the two VIP cabins. The other three cabins are provided ensuite bathrooms, all located on the lower port hull.

The luxurious features are certainly what we would love to see in reality. If an infinity pool wasn’t enough, the superyacht also boasts a glass bottomed Jacuzzi, outdoor cooking facilities and even an elliptical winter garden. Already stuffed to the gills (so to speak) with luxury features; the superyacht even has a 12-person cinema that can be found under the bridge. For those looking to entertain, the catamaran is also set to be equipped with a formal dining area, and a generous bar.IB_60mCat_03_Lounge

Below, near the hull door, sits a health club that has a hammam, sauna and massage area along with a beach club that can hold all the necessary equipment for water sports. Apart from paddleboards and scuba equipment, the superyacht is able to hold tenders on the main deck. In the port hull, the design can hold a 10-meter tender while the starboard hull can host a 6-meter tender and three personal watercrafts. Yes, catamarans are also multi-hull but you figured that out from the above description!

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