Three Of The Best Super Bowl Ads In Car History

With millions tuning in to watch the Superbowl annually, brands are willing to spend big bucks for that thirty-second slot.

Jan 12, 2024 | By Florence Sutton

There’s only one thing better than that grand display that rolls around when Super Bowl Sunday comes — and that’s the gorgeously extravagant adverts that emblazon our screens. Yes, we all love the halftime show, and there have been some of this generation’s biggest faces that have played; but there’s nothing better than gawking over a new car that just oozes sophistication, luxury, and, well — money.

With adverts during this period comes a lot of money, and brands are all fighting to the end to get their names on the big screen. The big bucks are being paid for just a thirty-second slot to advertise in the ad breaks during the halftime show. The Super Bowl LVII actually charged companies USD 7 million for that 30-second slot, so you darn well know that it’s got to be a golden bit of TV time. Though it was half a million more than the year before, car manufacturers haven’t stopped putting on lavish displays — we love them, and the world loves them too, but it’s still nice to look back and see what went before. LUXUO picked out our favorite and most luxurious car ads in Super Bowl history – so all you need to do is sit down, enjoy the show, and get saving for one of these beauties…

1. BMW, 2022

Does anything scream “luxury car” more than a German-engineered BMW? Producing cars since 1916, BMW has cemented itself in the world of luxury cars. Yes, there are more expensive, flashy, and over the top options — but BMW has something that others don’t… the handling. Its cars are so expertly engineered that the handling and driving ability has been perfected. Its no wonder they participated in Formula 1 until 2009.

Now, you may think that half-time singers like Dr. Dre, Eminem, or the one and only Snoop Dog would be the cincher for all viewers, but 2022’s BMW advert certainly took its fair share of attention. Does anything ooze luxury, gold, and all things great more than Zeus and the Greek Gods? We think not. BMW’s halftime advert took up a whole 60 seconds and featured Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus, the God of Sky and Thunder (how fitting). And his partner? Well, it was only the Greek goddess herself, Hera being played by Salma Hayek — now that’s a casting!

The advert shows the pair deciding to retire and move to Palm Springs until Zeus gets bored. You see them float around in their Cali pool house and chill on the golf course, and then Hera goes on to buy Zeus the famous BMW iX — the all-electric (so perfect for the lightning god!). Viewers and bettors everywhere went wild at the sight of this ad, and although the Super Bowl odds may not have been altered by this on-screen fun, we’re pretty sure that BMW’s odds were well in their favor. Bookies probably also encountered some last-minute flutters on the match as many hopeful viewers aimed to get lucky so they could buy their very own BMW iX!

2. Mercedes, 2019

Featuring American rapper Ludacris and a guy who manages to get everything he wants in the world, the 2019 Mercedes Super Bowl advert was iconic, to say the least. The 60-second skit was titled “Say the word”, and you watched a regular guy walk through life, making everything come true with god-like powers. From changing music as he walks and talks, to getting a golf ball in the hole just by wishing for it — everything was in his favor. 

We all know that Mercedes is the picture of luxury, and everything they provide is of top specification, so no wonder this car generated such an advert. It’s another one that we’re sure all the successful bettors that day had their eyes on!

3. Chrysler, 2012

Chrysler churns out all the best Super Bowl ads every year, and we’re pretty sure they never miss a beat. They’re one of America’s favorite cars, so they always pull out all the stops. But 2012 was a little different from what we’re used to. Yes, we’re digging around for the most luxurious commercials, but we can’t end this article without a mention of this special advert in cinematic history.

It pictured Clint Eastwood in a Hollywood-worthy advert which was titled “Halftime America.” Now, most adverts think of wild and wonderful stories like Zeus and Hera, or superpowers, but this one was themed around motivation and backing their American teams in the Super Bowl — fitting, right?

The highly motivational message was pushed by Eastwood in his raspy-toned words stating “This country can’t be knocked out with one punch. We get right back up again, and when we do, the world’s going to hear the roar of our engines.” Now, take that as you will, but teams and players resonated with it, and it’s gone down as one of the best adverts in Super Bowl history.

Yes, Chrysler wants you to buy their cars, but they also want to motivate the teams, and boy did they do that! Top marks from us: it was one of the best. 

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