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Classified Moto Junior Minibike

The latest project by Classified Moto may be smaller, but is nothing short of the stunning features the automaker is known for, along with the trademark weathered patina and yellow headlight with protective grille.

Jun 04, 2018 | By Shirley Wang

Classified Moto started this project with a 1991, an absolute stunning transformation from what started as a Honda Scrambler CT70.

The Classified Moto Junior Minibike boasts a raw yet refined body, a familiar aesthetic from the brand.

“Junior” is John Ryland’s bike built for wheelies, a pint-sized version of the custom bike shop’s “Frank” bike, built with Rebel Yell Bourbon. Stripped from its original frame, donned on some off-the-shelf canister shocks, a flip-up seat that is bolted on the front end for some attractive and fun action.

The custom bike showcases its prowess in a artfully directed YouTube series, RESTRICTED, following the plot of a dream sequence set in the 1980s. Instead of the usual clichés of slow-motion sparks and man buns, the videos follow more grounded storylines and creative originality.

“We’re doing the entire thing in-house, from writing and shooting to scoring,” said Mr Ryland from Classified.

Learn more about the bike from Classified Motors here.

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