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The Fully-Customisable Novitec Ferrari F8 Tributo Defies All Law of Physics

Available in 72 shades with a fully bespoke interior, and optional carbon fiber parts, the all-new Ferrari F8 by Novitec now facilitates up to 802 hp.

Jan 20, 2021 | By Julia Roxan

Novitec Ferrari F8 Tributo

Who better to provide premium transformations than Novitec. Revamping a variety of Lamborghinis, McLarens, and Teslas, amongst many other reputable builds, the Stetten-based luxury vehicles company has recently set its sights on the prestigious Ferrari F8 Tributo.

Now boasting acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 2.6 seconds, Novitec’s all-new and improved Ferrari F8 defies all law of physics to provide seamless speed escalation of up to 340 km/h. Developed by a team of the company’s very own expert engineers, the Novitec Ferrari F8 showcases a custom mapping of two plug-and-play modules, called Novitec N-Tronic, that work in harmony with the standard ECU of the twin-turbo V8. Complemented by a high-performance exhaust system, this Prancing Horse now facilitates up to 802 horsepower.

Featuring a variety of exhaust alternatives, including a lightweight Inconel version, complete with electronic sound management, the Novitec Ferrari F8 generates enhanced airflow, thanks to the carbon fiber mirrors and air deflectors strategically installed on each side. With all individual parts made available in an optional clear-coated carbon fiber, this car is fully customizable, providing a discretionary rear-view camera, alongside personalized rear wings in a variety of sizes with varying levels of downforce, pus made-to-order replacement diffusers and an optional carbon fiber trim on the engine.

Available for enquiry via the official Novitec website, this Novitec Ferrari F8 comes complete with a palette of 72 shades, and accommodates room for further personalization through brushed or polished surface finishings and a fully bespoke Alcantara, leather, or exposed carbon fiber interior.

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