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Hello Kitty jet flies into Los Angeles

EVA Airways, Taiwan’s second-largest carrier, said Monday that its new plane decorated with the popular Japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty will debut Sept. 18 serving travelers bound for Los Angeles.

Sep 13, 2013 | By AFPRelaxnews

EVA air plane Hello Kitty

The most famous cat in the world will be making its maiden voyage into the US this month, when Taiwanese airline Eva Air sends its first Hello Kitty-emblazoned jet into Los Angeles.

After accompanying passengers on Asian routes to Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, China and Guam for years, the cartoon kitten that has become fetishized for generations the world over will make her first North American journey later this month on a B777-300.

Three times a week, passengers traveling between Taipei and Los Angeles will fly on a Hello Kitty jumbo jet, where everything — and we mean everything — is emblazoned with the remarkably simple but iconic image: a bow-tied, three-whiskered, mouth-less white cat.

If the American Hello Kitty experience is anything like the program in Asia, it’s not for the faint of heart or cute-averse, as the journey starts at the check-in counter where passengers are given baggage tags and boarding passes stamped in her image.

Planes are similarly kitted out with Hello Kitty-themed seats, soap and toilet paper. Should you suddenly feel nauseous or OD on the cutesy motif, you’ll be looking straight into the bottom of a Hello Kitty sick bag. Need something to cut the nausea? Tuck into your bag of Hello Kitty mixed nuts or rice cakes or take a sip of water from your Hello Kitty cup.

Currently Eva Air flies five Hello Kitty-themed A330 aircraft including Magic, Apples, Music, Around the World and Speed Puff within Asia. The flights into LA start September 18.

hello kitty air jet

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