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Most Expensive New Year’s Eve Destination Revealed

Looking for an affordable, last minute New Year’s getaway? Best avoid sun-soaked destinations and the International Space Station…

Dec 30, 2015 | By null

Looking for an affordable, last minute New Year’s getaway? Best avoid sun-soaked destinations, as hotel room rates in places like Cancun, Miami and Los Angeles clocked in as among the most expensive, according to a new index. In terms of flights, New Year’s eve is actually a good day for return flights, historically.

On a related note, the most expensive flight is still a ticket to the International Space Station, according to the moderators at Reddit and based on this list. That also makes the ISS the most expensive destination at any time. Recent good news from both SpaceX and Blue Origin means that this ticket will become less expensive but trips to space are still more than likely to be the most costly, dangerous and exotic journeys any human being can embark on.

Back to the story at hand, the new index mentioned was compiled by online reservation site (the ISS is not listed there) and the results found that revelers in Cancun, Mexico are ponying up the most for the privilege of ringing in the new year in their bikini on the beach: the cheapest available double room booked between December 30 and January 2 in a minimum three-star hotel this year is $311 a night.

Cancun is followed closely behind by Dubai, where the most affordable room at a hotel of this level costs $302 and Miami Beach, where rates are $286.

SpaceX, Falcon 9

Both Space X’s Falcon 9 (shown here) and Blue Origin’s New Shepard have touched down safely this year, marking a bright future for space tourism. ©AFP PHOTO / Bruce Weaver

A look at the top 10 list shows that the priciest New Year’s Eve destinations for ringing in 2016 are found in either warm beach cities, or traditional party cities (i.e., New York) with the exception of one destination which stood out: Edinburgh, Scotland, the lone European representative.

At the other end of the spectrum, the most affordable New Year’s Eve destinations on the list include Buenos Aires, Argentina, where revelers can find a hotel for as little as $38, followed by Shanghai ($39) and Bogota, Colombia ($42).

For the ranking, number crunchers looked at the cheapest available double room in 30 major destinations around the world between December 30 and January 2 (three nights). Hotels with less than a three-star rating and negative, overall guest evaluation were excluded.

Here are the top 10 most expensive New Year’s Eve destinations according to

  • Cancun (Mexico) $311
  • Dubai (United Arab Emirates) $302
  • Miami Beach (Florida, USA) $286
  • Los Angeles (California, USA) $272
  • Edinburgh (Scotland) $268
  • New Orleans (Louisiana, USA)$249
  • Honolulu (Hawaii, USA) $246
  • New York City (New York, USA) $245
  • Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) $239
  • Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) $232

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