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Virgin America in-flight flirting service

On Virgin America flights passengers can now send a drink to someone on the plane they are crushing on with their new in-flight seat to seat service.

Apr 27, 2013 | By AFPRelaxnews

Virgin America flirting service

Virgin America has launched a new mile-high flirting service that will allow travelers to send their onboard crush a drink using the in-flight entertainment system.

The new seat-to-seat feature is being launched on all flights within the US, and is the latest innovation out of the Virgin brand to encourage flirting at 35,000 feet.

The same Red in-flight entertainment system already offers an in-flight chat service that allows passengers to send each other text messages.

Meanwhile, the new service that turns the airplane into a flying club works via passengers’ touch-screen seatback entertainment platform.

Here’s the scenario of how things could go down: Picker-upper makes a casual stroll down the aisle to verify the seat location of the pick-uppee target.

Once confirmed, picker-upper returns to their seat and sends their crush a cocktail, snack, or meal along with their best pick-up line, using the entertainment system’s digital seat map.

The object of affection also undertakes a reconnaissance mission through the aisles to scope out their admirer. If the feeling is mutual, said parties engage in a marathon session of chatting until finally someone proposes, “Your seat or mine?”

To promote the new service, Virgin America has also launched an online contest inviting travelers to share how they would use the new seat-to-seat feature along with their best pick-up line.

The top five entries will be voted on by the airline’s Facebook fans, while the top two picks will win travel packages that include a flight from Las Vegas to anywhere within the airline’s domestic network and stays at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

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