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Top 10 countries with most holidays

Russia offers the most vacation days and public holidays combined (40) on average while Mexico has the least (13), according to

Jul 06, 2013 | By AFPRelaxnews

Russians enjoy twice as much vacation time as Americans and nearly quadruple the time off taken by Mexicans, reveals a newly released survey ranking countries with the most holidays.

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In its review of the 30 countries surveyed, online reservation site found that Russians enjoy 40 days off throughout the year.

The US gets 20 days off, while Canada is second to last on the list with an entitlement of just 15 days vacation time. At the other end of the spectrum, meanwhile, Mexicans get a paltry 13 days off.

Meanwhile, a slew of studies have shown that productivity actually increases in proportion to vacation time taken, serving to recharge employees’ batteries and re-enter the workplace with a renewed sense of purpose. It’s a concept that some companies have taken a step further in the US.

Companies such as IBM and Netflix, for instance, have tossed the standard two-week vacation policy in the US and implemented an open, unlimited vacation program in an effort to prevent staff burnout in a country where employees get so little time off.

Here are the top 10 countries which enjoy the most time off (public holidays + annual leave):

1.     Russia 40 days off
2.     Italy 36
2.     Sweden 36
4.     Finland 35
4.     France 35
4.     Norway 35
4.     Brazil 35
8.     Denmark 34
8.     Spain 34
10.   Colombia 33

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