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Néit: Collapsible Luggage for Easy Storage

This Kickstarter Project aims at making life that much easier for those with too many bags to handle.

Mar 01, 2016 | By Staff Writer

Néit may just have the perfect Kickstarter project for those of us worried about bulky luggage bags taking too much space: a hard case that can be collapsed to 3-inches when no longer in use. This allows you to slip it into any flat compartment when not needed, or, thanks to its carabiner-style handle, hang it in your closet. And, if you lose it by accident or it gets stolen, there’s even GPS functionality installed.

The case is made of a light-weight durable polycarbonate with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame for the structural support and the armadillo shell design gives it very tasteful ridges. Speaking of tasteful, does that quilted pattern make you think of any particular design staple? Sizes available are a ‘Checked’ version allowing 90 liters of storage or a ‘Cabin’ version allowing for 38 liters of storage. No prizes for guessing what those terms refer to…

The project has been fully funded but there are still some days left on the clock (10, as of writing) for those eager to get to the add-on goals. For more information, check out Néit’s Kickstarter page here. The estimated retail price on this starts from $450 but that might change of course since this product does not yet exist!

Source: Uncrate

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