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Four Seasons New Private Jet is The $138,000 Flying Hotel Experience You’ve Been Looking For

Four Seasons introduces a newly upgraded, fully bespoke Boeing 757 private jet, enhancing the $138,000 round the world adventure series with a sumptuous flying experience

Apr 20, 2019 | By Angelyn Tan

Head to Seychelles’ idyllic islands, visiting Praslin, with its famous coco de mer palms, or La Digue, a lush and charming island home to one of the world’s most breathtaking and secluded beaches.

Continuing our LUXUO series of experiences as the new luxuries, like a True North adventure cruise or travelling the world on luxurious trains, we turn our gaze skyward towards a travelling hotel experience. Late 2018, Four Seasons offered a $138,000 “world of adventures” package where guests took flight in style from the Seychelles to the Galápagos, experiencing the rare, the wild and the beautiful on a trailblazing yet carefully curated voyage across eight countries.

Four Seasons New Private Jet is The $138,000 Flying Hotel Experience You’ve Been Looking For

Extraordinary adventures, extraordinary people and memorable destinations, an upgrade to the Four Season’s Fleet using the latest Boeing 757 featuring completely customised interiors, innovative design and technology, makes your globetrot in the fully-bespoke A321LR Four Seasons private jet an experience unto itself. Combined with the brand’s renowned standard of service, the new private jet showcases the adroitness at which Four Seasons pushes the boundaries and definitions of a “luxury experience” and creates a well-appointed space for passengers to fly in.

With socialising playing a big part in the design of the aircraft, the private jet features 48 custom handcrafted seats designed by Optimares, with leather from Italian producer Poltrona Frau. The spacious interior will also allow guests to socialise more easily while seated. Additionally, the seats lay flat like those seats in first class. If interaction is not your thing on flight, in-flight entertainment is not forgotten on this jet as a person iPad is tucked in each seat.

Exit the private jet and combine your adventure with some relaxation a three-night private cruise, where you can swim with sea lions and hike amid giant tortoises during the day and unwind with a massage or cocktail aboard the ship at night.

From local restaurant recommendations to personalized in-flight meals to private dining experiences along the way.

Newly purpose-built personal ottomans at every seat will encourage face-to-face interaction. Paying attention to every detail, the jet also features a lounge bar where artisans to showcase their talents and crafts in interactive workshops. Also in the social area, guests will have the opportunity to meet and learn from Four Seasons master chefs and mixologists, wellness experts and art and culture aficionados for an enriching in-flight experience.

Explore four sacred water temples along the Pakerisan River, then cleanse body and spirit with a water purification ritual performed by a Balinese priest.

Jetting to Bogotá to take private salsa lessons is also an option

Four Seasons Hotel launched their first ever fully branded private jet in 2015. Today, the new Boeing 757, equipped with a Rolls Royce motor, has been sumptuously bespoked by a host of designers. The jet embarked its “Timeless Discoveries: An Around The World Journey” in 2016 with prices starting US$69,000 for a short European tour and up to US$138,000 for a 3 week, 8 country trip around the world.

The price includes air travel, ground transfers, excursions, and full room and board in Four Seasons hotels. It is expected that Four Seasons will soon release its 2019 adventure itinerary for the new A321LR private jet.

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