Top 10 Most Luxurious Colleges in The World

Inside the list includes some of the most prestigious colleges like UCLA, University of Texas and Duke University.

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Students from the USA and other countries dream of excellent education. We will show you the top 10 schools and universities which might be called the most luxurious colleges in the world. There only the selected few can upgrade the bachelor title to something more tangible, and try an expensive program to boost their careers.

High Point University

High Point leads the list of the world’s 10 most luxurious college institutions. The private college in North Carolina has recently signed a US$400 million expansion contract to enrich the offering. Moreover, they will add three new schools to produce optometry, law, and nursing professionals.

Students can choose from 63 minors, 60 majors, and 14 graduate degree programs in various academic curricula. The value-based institution is proud of Steve Wozniak and Marc Randolph as the most significant alumni. They inspire others to experience 10 residential communities, a conference centre, and a 4,500-seat basketball hall.

Pomona College

A prestigious school in the Claremont complex prides on clearing thin lines between learning and living. Students from the whole world will enjoy a 140-acre campus’ beautiful landscape, offering them many opportunities to live, discover, and learn. The South Californian oasis is now a fully-featured picturesque town with a beautiful and vibrant downtown.

Resources include a walkable residential college with boutiques, restaurants, and an art-house cinema. In addition, Pomona sponsors students’ “47 Things” and trips to the student club called “On the Loose” and a unique Outdoor Education centre. You can also check art events, museums, and other attractions.

The University of California at Los Angeles

The famous UCLA hosts a diverse community of scholars in a supportive, inclusive, and safe living-learning environment. The school’s resources help them propel their educational success while doing their best to encourage professional and personal growth.

UCLA is also one of the most expensive universities in the world, featuring 10 campuses with endless possibilities, where each has something new and amazing to offer. UCLA is the place where research thrives. Therefore, you can experience the campus’ Conference Center & Hotel or visit Film Production facilities. Additionally, UCLA hosts the Arts Gateway, the Hammer Museum, the Fowler Museum, and the Center for the Art of Performance, where you can enrich your studies in 250+ programs.

Washington University in St. Louis

Tied with Vanderbilt and Brown University as Ivy League schools, WashU reached the top ten most expensive institutions in the United States thanks to its international alumni. Moreover, the institution is home to 25 Nobel laureates, including economists, physiologists, and doctors from Australia. The WashU is a large recipient of the American government grant funding, recording US$816 million in 2018.

The Human Genome Project, NASA’s Planetary Data System Geosciences Node, Folding@Home, and Mars Exploration Rover are some of the many science projects of this university. On the other hand, they didn’t forget about the luxurious lifestyle topping the 2020 College Dorms list. Facilities such as South 40 and North Side residence halls are exclusively open to upper-level scholars.

Elon University

Elon’s tuition fee of US$37,921 and the acceptance rate of 70-71 per cent make it a bit less expensive than others on this list. The private liberal College is located in North Carolina and was founded 133 years ago. Dubbed the countrywide first for undergraduate teaching, Elon currently hosts almost 60 per cent of females from 49 countries worldwide.

The campus has seven central neighbourhoods, including The Colonnades and The Station at Mill Point. Movie fans will surely recognise some of them as they served to depict the university Spike Lee depicted in the movie “He Got Game”.

Duke University

Duke University offers 53 majors and 52 minor options, allowing students to build and shape their engineering degrees. The administration requires students to live on campus for the first three years to bond with other students and foster a sense of community within the university.

The private liberal university has an 8,600-acre campus and sub-campuses in Durham, including Beaufort’s marine lab. Duke combines Gothic architecture with modern facilities in sophomore and juniors-friendly West Campus. Duke employs 43,000 people, making it the fourth-largest North Carolina employer.

Bowdoin College

The private liberal arts college located in Maine was founded in 1794 when the state was still related to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This college’s long tradition and history helped them to earn a NECHE accreditation and amass a US$3 billion-worth endowment. Moreover, prospective graduates can find scientific fields on Kent Island and coastal studies centres on Orr’s Island, making their life and work more exciting.

The Outing Club, Bowdoin’s Board Game Club, and The Peucinian Society are intellectual and literary societies dominating the campus. Also, you will get six A cappella groups and two museums in the Walker Art Building and Hubbard Hall.

Rollins College

According to the latest university rankings, Rollins College dominates the other world universities for its architecture and cooperation with other schools. You will see the Cornell Campus Center as a theatre for performing arts and the Florida-famous Alfond Sports Center.

Other remarkable higher education facilities include the Winter Park Institute, Olin Library, and Archibald Granville Bush Center. You can pursue your career by exploring the Rollins Museum of Art, Annie Russell Theater, or Knowles Memorial Chapel.

University of Texas

The famous UT deserved its place among the most popular and expensive universities thanks to its alumni of 13 Nobel prize winners, 155 Olympic medals, and three Primetime Emmy Awards winners. Established 138 years ago, the UT is the largest in the University of Texas system, with a $3.1 billion budget.

As a UT undergraduate, you will get quality residentials, 1,300+ organisations, and active fraternities and sororities. Moreover, the university prides itself on traditions like Hook’em Horns and Texas Fight hymn singing.

University of Arizona

Thanks to the most successful Greek-life programs of all universities, UA hosts 52 recognised fraternity and sorority chapters. For example, even middle-class undergraduates can join Phrateres, a non-exclusive club installed in 1937.

The Cochise Hall is a co-ed dormitory where you can see Roman-style pillars and remember that the Revenge of the Nerds movie was filmed here. The uniqueness of this place makes it included in the top 10 most expensive universities in the world.


You will experience more than just a typical life-study style in one of the top luxurious colleges we have mentioned in this article. In any case, such high-class universities promise a combination of luxury and quality education. The variety of possibilities and extracurricular activities is impressive, thus, you will never be bored during your studies. A little bit of hard work in complex with everything these places have to offer are a key to becoming a successful young person who is ready to conquer the world. Good luck in enjoying the most exciting period of your life!

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