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Award winning restaurants in Europe: New Two Michelin Star eateries from Athens, Budapest, and more

New total of two-star restaurants reaches 91 in the Michelin Guide for the main cities of Europe

Mar 15, 2017 | By AFP Relaxnews

The Michelin Guide for Main Cities of Europe this year incorporates 12 new two-star restaurants. | © Michelin Guide

For The Michelin Guide for Main Cities of Europe 2017, a dozen restaurants were given two stars, bringing the number of restaurants with two Michelin stars in the guide to 91. The Guide features cities such as Athens, Budapest, Krakow, Prague,  and Warsaw.

One of the restaurants freshly awarded two Michelin stars is Amador in Vienna. Set within an elegant, vaulted stone cellar, Amador serves up dishes such as the “Berlin, Paris, Vienna” plate, which features liver, calf shoulder and Perigord truffles from France. Rebecca Burr, Editor of Michelin Guide 2017 Main Cites of Europe, said: “The young but experienced chef [of Amador] creates sophisticated, intensely flavored, artfully presented dishes crafted from top quality ingredients.”

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