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Largest Black Truffle Found in Victoria, Australia

It may not be a gem that can be enjoyed over the decades but the largest black truffle is certainly just as impressive a find.

Aug 24, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

Weighing in at 1,511 grams it is said to be the largest black truffle ever discovered in Australia and possibly the world. Stuart Dunbar, the man who dug the fungus out of the earth on his property in Victoria, has known of the truffle since February but only started digging on Thursday. The 45-minute search unearthed a find that could well be worth US$2,300.

Unaware of the size, Dunbar was only aware of its presence thanks to the ripening aroma that was more distinct in the warmer weather. Prior to this find, the Australian had dug up a “beautiful edible truffle” that weighed around 720 grams. The previous record held for largest black truffle, was from Perigord, France in 2012, weighing 1.277 grams. There have, however, been white truffles that weigh more that the current mammoth-sized truffle found.

The celebration for the massive — and lets not forget expensive — truffle, was short lived as it was too big for Dunbar’s regular chefs to accept. “My regular customers had already taken truffles for the week,” he said, noting that once unearthed, truffles are in their prime for just four to five days. Instead Dunbar has decided to pickle the truffle in vodka, allowing it to be preserved in one piece.

Truffles usually grow in the root systems of host trees before being sniffed out by specially trained pigs or dogs. The finest black truffles have a subtle aroma and an earthy flavor reminiscent of rich chocolate.

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