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6 Favourite Table Settings for Valentine’s Day

It’s time of the year again to start planning a romantic candlelight dinner to kick-start a memorable Valentine’s Day celebration. If you haven’t gotten any idea where to start or how to start, we rounded up a few ideas to help you create a cosy and warm atmosphere to charm your better half that he/she will remember for years to come.

Feb 07, 2018 | By Andrea Sim

Golden Elements

Red roses are used as an expression for love while pink roses convey a gentler emotion such as admiration or adoration. There’s nothing like putting together some beautiful blooms that will complement the theme decor, will certainly leave your date feeling special and loved. Stick to golden elements or gold detailing (dinnerware, tableware) as these are popular choices to add a splash of sophisticated luxury to bring out a smart balance, juxtaposed against the raw wooden dining table.

Earth Tones or Pastel Colours

Stick to earth tones or sherbet to evoke a subtle yet romantic feeling that will resonate with the rest of the dining room decor. Using upholstery like rich fabrics or pastel colours for your dining chairs is also halfway to warm up the atmosphere.

Simplicity At Its Best

If you are thinking of keeping things simple, go with a clean, minimal, yet romantic table setting with just a few elements put together and make the decorations stand out instead. Of course, bring on the bubbly and pair it with a cheese course, if you are going to forego a three-course meal.


Create your own heart-shaped napkin and literally put your whole heart out on the table. You can also get creative by curating a perfect selection of rose pale pink elements with golden cutlery combined for a potentially adorable look.

All Things Heart-Shaped

If you are bad with origami, get your way around items that heart-shaped everything, such as this lovely heart-shaped plates will also string on the cord. It’s all about ideas to create a strong impact because every little thing you do will mean a whole world to them, and of course, make them feel loved and cherished.

Wall-Hung Decorative

Don’t forget to put together your own rose petals in heart-shaped to hang on the wall, bringing a lovely, finishing touch to the romantic atmosphere. Write your own beautiful quotes about love and place the gift card somewhere prominent so that each time they look at it, they know that they are being loved and cherished.

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