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This Smart Bed has a 4K Projector, 70-inch TV Screen, Mobile App, and Sleep Monitor

Netflix and chill just got a whole new meaning. Literally.

Aug 27, 2019 | By Kelvin Ong

You know that feeling, when you want to binge-watch the latest season of “Stranger Things”, but the bed is calling, and you don’t have a TV in your room, so you have to resort to streaming the show on your mobile phone just so you can have your bed and stream it too?

Well, there’s a new Smart bed that allows you to do both of that effectively, so that you sacrifice neither sleep nor screen resolution.

The HiBed, the latest Smart bed innovation from Italian design firm Hi-Interiors

Say hi to the HiBed, the world’s first bed equipped with a built-in 4K projector, high definition TV screen, high definition speakers, sleep monitor, ambient lighting, and an interactive alarm.

Conceived by Italian architect and interior designer Fabio Vinella for furniture company Hi-Interiors, these hi-tech functionalities are available in the form of a tastefully designed modern and sleek bed frame.

Can’t envision how this all comes together? Here’s what it looks like.

Called the HiBed, the hi-tech frame is furnished with a retractable 70-inch screen that allows you to stream your favourite show comfortably while lying down, or even to work off it

The Smart bed is also equipped with a 4K projector for those times when 1080P HD is not sufficient

Health configuration controls also allows the individual to track their sleep patterns, monitor the room temperature, set smart alarms, or even check their heart rates through a biometric monitoring tool

A previous iteration of the bed, called the HiCan, also came with an intuitive multi-platform app that allowed users to control their beds from their phones or tablets. You could change your position, close your privacy blinds, watch a movie, listen to a relaxing playlist, and turn off the lights. This latest version is likely to provide such a functionality as well.

Ambient lights have the ability to induce drowsiness or promote wakefulness. Turning on blue lights during the awakening is said to improve our cognitive abilities, including memory, alertness and reaction time. Red lights help create drowsiness by stimulating melanin production.

The bed comes in seven different colour combinations.

With the HiBed, you can now sleep, watch the news, work, and read on the bed. Heck, why not just live in it? That’s if you have US$10,000 lying around to spare.

But in this age of data privacy concerns, such products sound really good on paper, but are they secure? Do you really want to have data collected on you while you’re trying to have a restful night? That sounds more like a nightmare than a dream, to be honest.

Still, the HiBed is certainly a design and technological achievement worth checking out if money (and privacy) is no object.

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