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Penelope Cruz stars in 2013 Campari Calendar

Campari has officially unveiled Penelope Cruz as the star of the 2013 Campari Calendar, which will be captured by fashion photographer, Kristian Schuller.

Nov 14, 2012 | By Luxuo

Campari 2013 calendar

Alcohol brand Campari unveiled November 13 its new calendar starring Penelope Cruz in photographs by Kristian Schuller.

Campari 2013 calendar January

The Campari Calendar is one of the world’s iconic artistic calendars. The brand has printed only 9,999 copies of its 2013 calendar, which will ship worldwide.

Campari 2013 calendar March

The calendar presents the star in a variety of red outfits ranging from couture-worthy gowns to a snappy raincoat and bathing suit, photographed in diverse settings including a casino, boudoir and café terrace.

Campari 2013 calendar April

The theme of the calendar for 2013 is “Kiss Superstition Goodbye” and includes traditional omens such as black cats, the number 13, open umbrellas and a bird in a house, broken mirrors and walking under ladders.

Campari 2013 calendar June

Previous editions of the Campari calendar have featured actresses like  Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, Olga Kurylenko and Milla Jovovich.

Campari 2013 calendar JulyCampari 2013 calendar December

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