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The Pipo Chair

Alejandro Estrada designs curved armchair constructed entirely from two pieces of plywood

Dec 19, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Furniture designer Alejandro Estrada’s latest chair design The Pipo Chair epitomizes elegance and innovation. This gracefully curving wooden chair design is made from 29 wooden strands cute from only two pieces of plywood. Not only is the manufacturing charmingly simple, but also it is also highly economical. Stretched out at the centre, the armchair has its own gesture, evoking a simple movement that allows light to pass through it, revealing its natural contours. A matte polyurethane finish is added to provide a small range of classic color options- like the black, white and tan color shown in the photos below. The Pipo Chair has been produced for sale by Guatemalan manufacturer Piegatto

Visit Alejandro Estrada Design Studio’s Facebook Page to see more. 

The Pipo Chair 1

The Pipo Chair 2

The Pipo Chair 3

The Pipo Chair 4

The Pipo Chair

via The Contemporist 

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