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Teh Tarik Man

Red Hong Yi uses 20,000 tea bags to construct giant portraits

May 02, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Malaysia-born artist Red Hong Yi has recently created a series of portraits made out of used tea bags. The young artist has become popular on social media over the past two years for her niche of making art from used or found objects. Her use of food items and flower petals to create small portraits and pictures has been recognized by various art forums and blogs- including ArtRepublik.   Continuing in the same vein, her resourceful nature has led her to collect used teas bags to innovatively construct giant portraits. For her recent large-scale portrait, titled Teh Tarik Man, Red used 20,000 teabags and took 2 months to complete it. This artwork was commissioned by Malaysia to be displayed at the World Economic Forum. 

Red currently runs her own design studio and lives and works between Shanghai and Malaysia. She wants to continue to use mundane objects to make beautiful art, and to share it throughout the world on social media. See more of her artwork here








via Lost at E Minor

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