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Suds and Smiles

Samantha Fortenberry’s delightful series of people in bathtubs

Mar 27, 2015 | By Staff Writer

American photographer Samantha Fortenberry has created a delightful series titled “Suds and Smiles” which features different types of people naked in their bathtubs. Each subject was asked to place an array of sentimental items in the bathtub. In some scenes, Fortenberry creates the set according to a theme created in collaboration with her models. Each scene has a colorful and whimsical nature to them; from doing mundane and common things one does in the tub like reading a book, to laughing in a tub of tootie fruities. Indulgent food items also play a big role in her photographs, highlighting the decadence and delight she seeks to create with this work.  

With the series, she portrays the nude human body in a natural and beautiful way. She says on her website: “I want to collect a wide variety of people in all shapes and sizes to display the various form of beauty each person has.” To see more of this ongoing series and to learn more about the photographer, visit her official page here



Suds And Smiles

Suds And Smiles 1

Suds And Smiles 2

Suds And Smiles 3

Suds And Smiles 4

Suds And Smiles 5

Suds And Smiles 6


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