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Sound Form Wave

Anna Marinenko explores the visual connection between nature and noise in her series of graphic expressions

Jun 17, 2014 | By Staff Writer


Ukranian Designer Anna Marinenko explores both landscape and soundscape in a recent series of graphic design work. While studying outdoors and her natural landscape, she was inspired by the similarity between the oscillating heights of mountains and trees and the visual waveforms of music. After drawing these symbolic and visual correlations between sound and nature, she designed a series of graphics that show these two seemingly disparate images side-by-side. Comparing the image of the natural mountains and the image of the sound waveforms she places next to it, the pictures almost look like reflections of each other. The undulating lines of the panoramic forest and cityscape views continue into the graphic illustrations of the sound waves and the lines merge seamlessly together. She even explores the correlation between the lines of clouds, sail boats and clouds with a musical pattern she illustrates in her graphic. Marinenko’s works include 3D graphic design, architecture and industrial design. 


Sound Form Wave 2

Sound Form Wave 7

Sound Form Wave 3

Sound Form Wave 4

Sound Form Wave

Sound Form Wave 1    Sound Form Wave 5

Sound Form Wave 6 Sound Form Wave 8

Sound Form Wave 9

Learn more about the Artist and her work here

Images courtesy of Anna Marinenko via Designboom 

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