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Rankin captures intimate photos of couples french kissing

Jul 22, 2014 | By Staff Writer

London-based publisher, director and commercial photographer Rankin has taken it upon himself to examine the tongue action that occurs when couples french kiss. In his raunchy, yet delightful and fascinating, series titled Snog, he captures couples of all genders, races and ages sharing a passionate kiss. The couples’ faces can barely be seen. Instead, Rankin captures close ups of their nose, mouth and tongue area that is engaged in the kiss. With this focus, the intensity of the kiss is shown from the pressing of the tongues against each other and the lifting of the lips on top of one another. 

Through this series, Rankin hopes to challenge the cultural taboos surrounding public displays of affection by finding such intimate moments that are normally reserved for secret spaces. Looking at these explicit and raw pictures, one can feel uncomfortable at the grotesqueness of the tongue action. On the contrary, Rankin forces the viewers to confront their discomforts and instead, celebrate the love and intimacy these photos represent. 

Snog 2

Snog 3

Snog 7


Snog 4

Snog 5

Snog 6


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