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Oprisco Photography

Beautiful surreal photographs by Oleg Oprisco

Aug 05, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Oleg Oprisco’s distinct and unique style continues to add colour to the world of photography. Quoted from an interview with 500px, he expresses “Like every Ukrainian, I love freedom. I like the ability to stop time and create my version of reality.” His photos are easily recognised by the ethereal and surreal quality. He skilfully shoots under-saturated and matt yet vibrant pictures, using his good-old budget film camera. He chooses to use medium format film and takes pride in his preparation for each of his frames, sometimes up to 3 days.

He discovered his taste and developed his style through his experience in working at a photo lab where he edited the prints. In addition, he made an effort to visit thousands of weddings, birthdays and other events, where he would observe closely and pick up on the colours and hues people liked. His artistic eye is impeccable and it was not achieved overnight. He advises aspiring photographers to keep taking pictures and work by the trial and error method. Original, creative and imaginative, Oleg’s work transports viewers into a whole new magical world. 


Oprisco Photography 1 

Oprisco Photography 2

Oprisco Photography 3

Oprisco Photography 4

Oprisco Photography 5

Oprisco Photography 6

Oprisco Photography 7

Check out his website here.

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