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Artist Ron Brinkman captures endless reflections inside a mirrored box

May 18, 2014 | By Staff Writer

These spectuacular images are not a result of digital editing but are actually images taken by a camera placed inside a mirror box. Ron Brinkmann developed this box using mirrored tiles and produced the photographs by carefully placing the camera in the box, capturing endless reflections. The same concept applies when looking at one’s self in the mirror of an elevator with mirrors on all sides. The infinite reflections are a result of all 6 sides of the cube box being tiled with mirrors. Brinkmann also places small objects, such as candles and aluminium foil, inside the box to capture the arrangements in which the reflections produce kalaidescope-like illusions and images. After positioning the objects in the box, he sets the timer on his camera and then places the final mirrored panel on the top like a lid. By seeing the objects, viewers are better able to appreciate and make sense of the endless reflections within the mirrorbox.  

Mirrorbox 2 

Mirrorbox 3 

Mirrorbox 4

Mirrorbox 11 

Mirrorbox 5 

Mirrorbox 6 

Mirrorbox 7 

Mirrorbox 8 

Mirrorbox 9 

Mirrorbox 10 



See Ron Brinkmann’s website here

Images via ViralNova

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