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Micro Paintings on small food by Hasan Kale

Artist challenges himself to artistically conquer new tiny surfaces

Jun 23, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Turkish Artist Hasan Kale is known for his micro paintings on small things like butterfly wings and snail shells. This time, he takes his micro paintings to a new level with the challenge of painting landscapes on food items. Kale recently created a series using minute edible food items such as fruit seeds, peanuts, onion peels, mini bread sticks and even bits of chocolate. On these tiny canvases, he uses a magnifying glass and an incredibly tiny paint brush tip to paint landscapes of his native Instanbul. Picturesque views of the Nusretiye Mosque to scenes on Milka square are intricately painted on the delicate surfaces. Although the longevity of each painting might be short-lived, Kale’s skill and attention to the detail of the landscapes is impressive. 


Kale 8

Kale 7

Kale 6

Kale 5

Kale 4

Kale 3

Kale 2



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