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Hair Highway

Artists create exquisite decorative objects using human hair

Jul 27, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Azusa Murkakmi and Alexander Groves (from Studio Swine) specialize in creating their designs from unwanted and disposed objects. In their latest design project, titled Hair Highway, the pair has taken to using disposed human hair to create their designs. Using locks of human hair, the duo have found a way to sculpt beautiful decorative and functional objects that look like they have been carved from hardwood. After mixing the locks of hair with resins and dye, a hard and durable material is produced that is then used to because the functional set pieces. These objects look like they could have been carved from tropical hardwood or even tortoise shells. The Artists explain that human hair is in fact a very sustainable resource because it grows faster than tropical hardwoods and is surprisingly strong and durable at the same time. 


Hair Highway

Hair Highway 1

Hair Highway 2

Hair Highway 3

Hair Highway 12

Hair Highway 4

Hair Highway 13

Hair Highway 5

Hair Highway 6

Hair Highway 7

Hair Highway 9


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Images from Artists’ Website


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