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Paige Bradley’s stunning cracked wax sculptures

Feb 15, 2015 | By Staff Writer

Back in June 2011, artist Paige Bradley created a striking sculpture of a woman in the locus position that had been cracked and reassembled, titled Expansion. Although the process sounds bizarre, Bradley took a wax sculpture that she had painstakingly sculpted with precision over the course of a few months, and dropped it on the floor, intentionally breaking it to pieces. After which, she pieced the broken pieces together in bronze such that they floated apart from one another. She then engaged a light specialist to build a lighting source within the sculpture, illuminating it from within.The result is an ethereal sculpture of a goddess-like woman meditating and floating like it possesses supernatural power. 

“I was letting it all go. It was scary. It shattered into so many pieces. My first feeling was, ‘What have I done!?!’ Then, I trusted it would all come together like I envisioned.” explains Bradley on the destruction of her sculpture. The artist has recently announced the production of 40 smaller versions of this sculpture to be made for sale. This smaller version, which measures 17 x 21 x 8 inches, is cracked in the same way as the original. “In many ways,” Bradley says,”we keep coming back to where we started. Revisiting Expansion at a smaller size is proof of this. Even though my creativity and the art I want to produce feels infinite (for this lifetime anyway), I believe that creating a smaller version of Expansion is a sign of my enduring vision of making work for everyone to enjoy. I believe that art is for the all of us: for our souls, for our healing, for us to feel a sense of connection through all boundaries and distances.” Expansion has made its way to clients’ homes all over the world-  in Joshua Tree and Lebanon.

Visit Paige Bradley’s Website here.  


Expansion 1

Expansion 2

Expansion 3

Expansion 4


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