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Cut Paper

Bovey Lee handcuts masterpieces onto Chinese rice paper

Jul 20, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Using Chinese rice paper, a cutting mat, X-acto knife and blades, staples, clips and paperweights, artist Bovey Lee achieves masterpieces with incredible attention to detail. Guided by her training in Chinese calligraphy and pencil drawing, she draws with her knife, hand-cutting stunning scenes onto rice paper. Before beginning hand-cutting the paper, she composes and prints the images using technology. She then translates them onto the paper, cutting each tiny piece free hand without stencils or rulers. Cutting paper, she says, is a visceral reaction and ‘natural response to my affection for immediacy, detail and subtlety. She mentions her works as explorations of the tension between man and the environment in the context of power, sacrifice and survival. My recent work is informed by our precarious relationship with nature in the twenty-first century, i.e., what we do to the environment with our super machines and technologies and what nature does back to us in reaction.”






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