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Creation of the Giraffe

Ricardo Solis suggests how animals might have been created

Sep 25, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Ever heard the story about how the Zebras were horses that developed stripes, or the one about how the leopards were cats that grew spots? Mexican artist Ricardo Solis imagines these scenerios with his series of whimsical paintings suggesting how animals are created. Innovative and amusing, these paintings feature incomplete animals ( like a dog, flamingo, rhinoceros, etc. ) surrounded by tiny human workers completing the form of the animal, like building at a construction site. Either on top, surrounding or hanging off the sides of the animals, the workers are shown painting and embellishing the animals with their own distinctive features. Solis uses oil with black Indian Ink or Chinese Ink on canvas for his paintings.

On his website, where Solis also sells his original works, he explains, “As a professional artist, he tries to express in his work the beauty and perfection of both [art and nature], along with his belief in the undeniable existence of a Creator. He also often captures the innocence of childhood with his touching and evocative scenes of a child’s imagination.”


Creation Of The Giraffe

Creation Of The Giraffe 1

Creation Of The Giraffe 2

Creation Of The Giraffe 5

Creation Of The Giraffe 6

Creation Of The Giraffe 7

Creation Of The Giraffe 8

Creation Of The Giraffe 9

Creation Of The Giraffe 10

Creation Of The Giraffe 11

Creation Of The Rhinoceros


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