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Nespresso Variations Limited Edition

3 Limited Edition Nespresso Variations For Christmas

Vienna is far from just the birthplace of Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud. The European nation is also known for its love of coffee, which explains why Nespresso has been inspired by Vienna to create its festive Nespresso Variations. Joining the permanent Variations range, are the limited edition Variations. Available in special gift packs, the three special creations make this a wonderful gift for a loved one who cherishes their daily dose morning Joe.

Nespresso Variations Limited Edition

Variations Sachertorte

Using three famous Venetian pastries, the brand has presents us with a taste of Vienna in a cup. The first of the three, Variations Sachertorte brings to life the popular Austrian Sachertorte with the help of the Livanto Grand Cru alongside notes of chocolate and apricot. We suggest you enjoy the cuppa with a slice of that glazed chocolate cake and thin layer of sweet apricot jam that it takes its name from.

Nespresso Variations Limited Edition

Variations Apfelstrudel

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and we hope that works in a pastry or in a cup. With the Variations Apfelstrudel, the classic puff pastry is best enjoyed in an Espresso that fills the senses with the rich aromas of the pastry, baked apples and just a hint of cinnamon. The final variation is the Variations Linzer Torte that rings the delicious red fruit tart with spiced dough notes in another Espresso.

Nespresso Variations Limited Edition

Variations Linzer Torte

Nespresso Raffles City: New Boutique, New Pricing

Coffee lovers in Singapore will be delighted to hear that Nespresso has just opened a new boutique — the third in the country since its setting-up in 2008 — at Raffles City Shopping Center. A new addition to the 450 boutiques spread worldwide, its Raffles City venue, opened November 2 and showcased the brand’s products, from machines to capsules. A recycling point has also been created that allows clients to drop off their used capsules.

nespresso singapore

Grand Crus Display Wall

To celebrate this opening, Nespresso will offer a new coffee recipe called Cococrema throughout the month of November. Created by Michael Callahan, an award-winning mixologist and founding bartender of 28 HongKong Street (named Best cocktail bar in Asia at Asia’s 50 Best Bars awards this year), the drink is a clever mix of condensed milk, sugar, coconut cream and honey making it “recognizably Singapore yet distinctly Nespresso.”

nespresso singapore

Just opened: Nespresso boutique at Raffles City

Concomitantly, Nestle’s premium coffee brand announced a significant reduction of the price of its 24 permanent Grand Cru coffees in Singapore, bringing them closer to prices in other markets. The new pricing applies in stores, online and on the Nespresso mobile app.

Mixologist Michael Callahan and the Cococrema.

Mixologist Michael Callahan and the Cococrema.

“The Nespresso promise has always been to deliver the ultimate coffee experience with the highest quality coffee that can be enjoyed every day conveniently” said Country Manager Matthieu Pougin. “As we continue to grow in Singapore and most recently with the opening of our new boutique at Raffles City, we are also happy to announce this new price to enable more coffee lovers and Club Members to fully benefit from our exclusive Club services in Singapore.”

Nespresso Boutique Raffles City, 252 North Bridge Road, #01-16

Henry Golding Recycles With Nespresso

It is not every day we see Henry Golding in a factory but when we do, it is for a great cause. Already a household name in Asia, the affable host/travel presenter boasts gigs for ESPN, National Geographic and NBC Universal on his portfolio, but you might also remember him tackling perilous mountains in Malaysia in “Without Boundaries” and “Now everyone can travel to New Zealand”, where he bravely tries his hand at extreme sports.

Now, the English-Iban personality is one of the many faces behind Nespresso’s “One Pod at a Time”, a recycling initiative that sees the used capsules being recycled into other aluminum products, and coffee grounds, into compost for vegetable farming at Quan Fa Organic Farm, Singapore. We speak to him about his experience at the recycling plant, his dedication to environmental sustainability and find out just how he likes his coffee.

Henry Golding_Nespresso_interview

What are your thoughts on this recycling initiative by Nespresso?

I think it’s a great initiative. Nespresso has really stepped forward, identified where they could socially and environmentally improve and moved into action.

What have you learnt during your trip to the recycling plant and what struck you most as you witnessed the whole recycling process?

I think the sheer fact that Nespresso has invested in the machinery and processes to better the recycling of their used capsules here in Singapore is a great effort on its part. I was also glad to see so many responsible users returning their used capsules to the boutique for recycling.

Henry Golding_Nespresso_interview

Your father is from England and your mother, from the Iban tribe in Sarawak, Malaysia. Has your unique heritage influenced your views on conservation and going green?

Absolutely, I just came off my new Discovery Channel program filming in Sarawak with the tribes out there. It was an eye-opener, and only solidified my beliefs in sustainable practices and responsible programs.

What are some of your other recycling and conservation efforts besides recycling your Nespresso capsules?

Usually daily practices become more than habits – separating trash at home, paper wastage, electricity conservation and a general ecological outlook; it becomes more of an integral lifestyle choice.

Henry Golding_Nespresso_interview

How do you like your morning cuppa?

First thing in the morning I fire up the Nespresso machine, stick in a capsule and make some breakfast. Once the aroma hits, I know it’s ready to get the day started. It’s almost become a ritual. But I always have my coffee the same – black with no sugar!

Like Henry, you can also do your part for the planet while enjoying your cuppa. Visit the Nespresso on Wheels coffee bar at Raffles City, Level 1 from now till July 31 to learn more about the coffee company’s recycling initiative. 

Intense Flavor: Nespresso Envivo Lungo

If the only thing that can make your morning right is a cup of coffee, better make it a good one. Better yet, if you’ve always fancied waking up to the rich scent of aromatic woods and gingerbread, you should know about Nespresso’s latest blend, the Envivo Lungo.

This blend might be new but boasts as much personality as its counterparts in the Grand Cru range. With an intensity of nine on a scale of one to 12, this dark roasted coffee is a blend of Indian Arabica and Mexican Robusta beans, its roasted notes and complex scents giving it a unique flavor like no other. This particular blend also features caramelized notes to cater to consumers who enjoy their coffee with milk.

Coffee lovers can choose to enjoy the blend either as a Lungo Macchiato (with a touch of milk froth) for a rounder body without losing its intense character or as a Latte Macchiato for an indulgent and buttery aroma.

The Envivo Lungo will be a permanent addition to Nespresso’s 23 other Grand Crus, and will be available at all Nespresso boutiques at S$9.90 for one sleeve of 10 capsules and S$48.70 for a five-sleeve pack (two sleeves of Envivo Lungo and one sleeve each Ristretto, Arpeggio, Indriya). Remember to enjoy your Nespresso responsibly.

Recycling Made Easy: Nespresso on Wheels

Following its One Pod at a Time campaign, Nespresso will soon make recycling an effortless affair with “Nespresso on Wheels”, a mobile coffee bar that is set to make an appearance at various locations in Singapore.

Green Wall - Nespresso partners with Quan Fa Organic Farm which uses our used coffee grounds as compost for farming.

Green Wall – Nespresso partners with Quan Fa Organic Farm which uses used coffee grounds as compost for farming.

After the first session at ION Orchard from 25 – 26 June, the mobile coffee bar will also stop at convenient locations such as Raffles City and One Raffles Place, where it will collect used Nespresso capsules from Club Members and in exchange, hand out a meaningful gift – a wheatgrass growing kit and Quan Fa voucher. The public can also gain a better understanding of the coffee company’s closed-loop coffee experience, and witness first-hand, the fresh organic vegetables that are proudly grown with used coffee grounds as compost by Quan Fa Organic Farm. As proof that its machines are energy-efficient, customers can also enjoy a complimentary cup of Nespresso coffee by pedaling on a bicycle that powers up the machine.

Get a wheatgrass growing kit and a Quan Fa voucher when you recycle your used capsules at Nespresso on Wheels

Get a wheatgrass growing kit and a Quan Fa voucher when you recycle your used capsules at “Nespresso on Wheels”.

If you missed “Nespresso on Wheels” at ION Orchard, here’s when and where you can catch the other two sessions:

4 & 5 July 2016 – One Raffles Place, Level 1

25 to 31 July 2016 – Raffles City, Level 1

Visit Nespresso.com or Nespresso Facebook Page for more details.

Nespresso Goes Green, “One Pod at a Time”

Now you can have that morning cuppa – sans guilt – because Nespresso’s latest initiative, “One Pod at a Time”, is making the world a greener place. Recycling has long been an issue with regards to the Nespresso capsules, which were great at delivering easily made coffee but left the matter of what happens to the capsules hanging. In Singapore, Nespresso has found a local solution in-line with its global efforts to be a responsible corporate citizen.

“Embedding sustainable business practices is a commitment and an ongoing journey. When it comes to recycling capsules, every country has different legislations and level of infrastructure available so it took us awhile to find the right partners and efficient setup to collect back the used Nespresso capsules.” said Matthieu Pougin, Country Manager of Nespresso Singapore.

To reduce environmental footprint, the coffee company has made its capsules fully recyclable right here on the island. This means that all of the one gram of aluminum used to manufacture the pod can be processed to create other aluminium products such as bicycles and window frames, and they’ve enlisted the help of a local recycler for this.


The process goes like this: once collected, the capsules are sun-dried before the used coffee grounds are separated. The aluminum capsules are then melted down and turned into new aluminum products; the coffee grounds are sent to a local farm and leading organic product distributor, Quan Fa Organic Farm, for use as compost in vegetable farming.

Energy-dense used Nespresso coffee grounds are mixed into the compost, which is then left to ferment for 6 months before being used at Quan Fa Organic Farm.

Besides being the only material which ensures high standards of freshness, taste and quality, aluminum is also infinitely recyclable without the need for additional wrapping and protection against oxidation. Recycling aluminum also only uses 5% of the energy it takes to extract it from the ground, so carbon footprint is significantly reduced. The used coffee grounds in compost drastically improves produce at farms – drainage, water retention and aeration in the soil are improved, while pests like slugs and snails are repelled from crops. In the video below, Fly Entertainment artiste Henry Golding takes us through the process of this unique recycling initiative.

“The value proposition of Nespresso is to offer a mindful and unique moment of indulgence to our customers. One that not only delivers an exceptional coffee experience for every moment but makes sustainability a part of everyday life. With the launch of One Pod at a Time campaign, we hope to invite and inspire more people in Singapore to join us on our sustainable journey,” Pougin added.The most popular vegetables at Quan Fa Organic Farm are the Cai Xin, Kai Lan, Bai Cai (Pok Choy) and Xiao Bai Cai (Baby Pok Choy).

And if you always thought recycling was a pain, Nespresso has made it as simple a process as possible. Members of the Nespresso Club can either drop their used capsules at Nespresso’s capsule recycling collection points at the ION Orchard and Takashimaya boutiques, while the [email protected] initiative enables couriers to pick up capsules directly whilst delivering a new order. Besides, Nespresso will issue a voucher for 10% off purchases at Quan Fa Organic Farm, so that’s another incentive to participate.


“Nespresso understands that consumer participation is key in recycling efforts and changing consumer behaviour is not an easy task. To increase consumer participation, we continue to improve our processes to make it more convenient for customers and increase our efforts to communicate better, and more, with consumers, making sure they know where and how, as well as why, to recycle,” said Pougin.

Nespresso’s “One Pod at a Time” campaign is extremely timely. Across the coffee pod industry, hundreds of millions of pounds of unrecyclable materials are being trashed, and that’s only in the US. Locally, accurate estimates of consumer recycling rates are unavailable due to the number of factors that influence their recycling behavior, according to Nespresso, though it revealed significant progress over the years.

“Where Nespresso has decided to focus on is to heavily invest in making it as easy as possible for our Club Members to return their used Grand Cru capsules. For example, establishing the [email protected] initiative and working with corporate clients, including Marina Bay Sands, Fairmont Singapore and Royal Plaza on Scotts, to collect used Nespresso capsules for recycling. We also extended recycling bins in some offices using Nespresso’s capsules for employees to drop their used capsules more conveniently,” Pougin revealed.


Sustainability doesn’t just begin and end in the capsules alone. In 2003, the coffee company also launched the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. In partnership with NGO Rainforest Alliance, this approach ensures the steady supply of high quality coffee while increasing its production. Working with farmers in 12 countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia, this scheme will ensure they will always enjoy a sustainable equitable income. By 2015, Nespresso saw up to 70,000 coffee farmers under the AAA Program. By expanding the program in Ethiopia and Kenya, the company aims to achieve an increase the amount of coffee it sources for its permanent Grand Cru range significantly.

The video starring Henry Golding is just one of the few that Nespresso  unveiled on World Environment Day on 5 June 2016. Starring more of Singapore’s most prominent people – think Chef Tetsuya of Waku Ghin at Marina Bay Sands, international TV host Anita Kapoor and Tracy Phillips, director of ppurpose. Watch Chef Tetsuya work his magic and share his passion for his favourite cuppa in the video below.


Nespresso Pure Origins

People talk about good coffee, but rarely about the folks who make it – and we don’t mean hipster baristas. We’re referring to the communities of dedicated men and women who cultivate and collate the beans. This is a mindset Nespresso wants to change. In fact, the Swiss label’s own connoisseurs have trekked across Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia (dubbed the birthplace of coffee) and even India to highlight, through unique flavors of its Pure Origin brews, the expertise of each country’s coffee farmers.

Coffees from Lake Kivu in Rwanda and Chiapas in Mexico are further refined using Nespresso's roasting and grinding technology.

Coffees from Lake Kivu in Rwanda and Chiapas in Mexico are further refined using Nespresso’s roasting and grinding technology.

The same can be said about Nespresso’s new limited-edition blends, Umutima wa Lake Kivu and Tanim de Chiapas, farmed by small but exceptional coffee-growing communities in Rwanda and Mexico respectively, and further refined by the company’s know-how in roasting and grinding. The beans in the former, picked and sorted laboriously by hand so only the best beans are selected, is a refreshing blend punctuated with juicy fruit accents and enhanced by an aftertaste that’s delicate on the palate. Coincidentally, Rwandan coffees are considered some of the sweetest and most flavourful of East African selections. The latter comprises beans grown using generation-old practices amid food crops, such as avocados and oranges, in the shade of a lush, tropical rainforest – a technique that gives the silky-smooth coffee its delicious nutty notes and bready aromas.   Nespresso-Starting-Point-LOfficiel-3

According to Nespresso head of coffee Karsten Ranitzsch, while different practices are used to grow the two blends, both communities in Rwanda and Mexico share the same commitment to quality. “Umutima wa Lake Kivu and Tanim de Chiapas are Pure Origin coffees, which means that 100 per cent of the coffee has been sourced from the respective countries,” he says. “Nespresso is then able to amplify their intrinsic flavor qualities by utilizing a split-roasting* technique for a perfect in-cup result.”

Umutima wa Lake Kivu and Tanim de Chiapas are available at S$24 for a duo pack and S$56.10 for a five-sleeve pack at Nespresso’s boutiques and online at www.nespresso.com.

For more on Nespresso’s community values and origins, click here.

*Split-roasting is a technique that involves roasting different coffee beans separately at varied temperatures to bring out the unique characteristics of each variety.

Story Credits

Text by Kenny Loh

This story first appeared in L’Officiel Singapore.

Nespresso Shines Spotlight on Community Values

If you like your coffees artisanal, with values and tastes reflective of very specific origins, these two new limited edition flavors from Nespresso might be your brews of choice. Umutima wa Lake Kivu and Tanim de Chiapas come from Rwanda and Mexico, respectively, with the Rwandan growers using contemporary techniques while their Mexican counterparts use age-old traditional methods. Nespresso’s goals are to pay tribute to these communities and also highlight its corporate good guy role. Yes, the Nestle-owned firm is not just about irreverent George Clooney advertising.

In fact, at the launch of these limited editions in Singapore, the brand filled us in on the conservation angle that is of great concern for customers, namely disposal of the aluminum capsules and the coffee within. According to Nespresso, the company is working with partners to collect the capsules and separate the aluminum containers from the coffee so that one can be send to compost locally while the other can be sent overseas for recycling. No prizes for guessing which is which…

Growers at Lake Kivu, Rwanda at work

Growers at Lake Kivu, Rwanda at work

Ok back to the new limited editions then. Both brews are Pure Origin, meaning that 100% of the beans have been sourced locally, with Nespresso adding its own touch in applying its split roasting technique. Tasting notes for Umutima wa Lake Kivu describe it as such: “Refreshing union of fluid texture with bright, juicy fruit notes, enhanced by a delicate aftertaste.” Tanim de Chiapas, on the other hand, is a “Sweet harmony of a silky-smooth texture and bready aromas with delicious nutty notes.” The Chiapas version also reflects the acidity of the volcanic soil the coffee was cultivated in while the Lake Kivu version really is extremely fruity, which is a fair description of most Lake Kivu coffee. Both are available now and you can find them at Nespresso boutiques or on their website, where they can be ordered.

Traditional production at Chiapas, Mexico

Traditional production at Chiapas, Mexico

nespresso machine

Virgin Australia and Nespresso to offer coffee in the sky

nespresso machine

 and  announced Tuesday their collaboration to offer travelers gourmet coffee from the Nespresso by B/E Aerospace machine that was designed to brew on airplanes.

Travelers in Virgin Australia’s newly refurbished business class cabin on board the Airbus A 330 fleet will benefit from the machines, which are engineered for high-altitude brewing.

Flow time, volume and temperature are maximized under the new technology and the machines are capable of creating quality milk foam just like their on-land counterparts.

The machines have been tested in high altitude chambers, according to a press release, which says the results deliver fine coffee at 30,000 feet.

Nespresso Naora Capsule

Nespresso Naora Limited edition 2012

Nespresso Naora Capsule

Naora is the latest Limited Edition coffee from Nespresso – a one-off unique blend outside the company’s collection of 16 permanent Grands Crus.

Nespresso introduces a Limited Edition three times a year for a short period of time, offering Club Members an exciting new taste experience and underlining the company’s expertise within the industry.
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shanghai tang nespresso

Shanghai Tang for Nespresso Dragon Collection

shanghai tang nespresso

International lifestyle brands Nespresso and Shanghai Tang have joined forces for the first time to create the Shanghai Tang for Nespresso Dragon Collection.

This collection brings together Nespresso’s much loved capsule coffees and Shanghai Tang’s contemporary luxury interpretations of Chinese heritage

It has been specially created to celebrate the spirit of coffee inline with the upcoming Lunar Chinese New Year and the auspicious Year of the Dragon.
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Tanzaru Limited Edition Nespresso Coffee

Nestlé Nespresso has introduced the variety Tanzaru Limited Edition 2010.

Tanzaru Limited Edition 2010 features the flavors of Tanzanian Arabic coffees and the delicate and balanced taste of Peruvian Arabic coffees.

The coffee has bright citrus notes alongside a slight tartness of green tones adding unlimited freshness to the rich espresso.

Also for Tanzaru lineup, Nespresso introduces a collection of art cups sets designed by Christian Ghion and then developed by design group Onze Dixieme.
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Nespresso launches three new Grand Crus

Nespresso have released three new Grand Cru espresso’s into their range which come from the worlds top coffee producing countries.

These new coffee capsules will offer Nespresso owners more variety, and will extend the current line of Nespresso Grand Crus instead of just being a seasonal offering.

The idea, beyond providing a unique flavor, is to support the local ecosystems, making this a green initiative as well as a premium one.
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