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Henry Golding Recycles With Nespresso

Despite a busy schedule in hosting, the TV personality finds the time to participate in Nespresso’s meaningful recycling initiative, “One Pod at a Time”.

Jul 25, 2016 | By Shatricia Nair

It is not every day we see Henry Golding in a factory but when we do, it is for a great cause. Already a household name in Asia, the affable host/travel presenter boasts gigs for ESPN, National Geographic and NBC Universal on his portfolio, but you might also remember him tackling perilous mountains in Malaysia in “Without Boundaries” and “Now everyone can travel to New Zealand”, where he bravely tries his hand at extreme sports.

Now, the English-Iban personality is one of the many faces behind Nespresso’s “One Pod at a Time”, a recycling initiative that sees the used capsules being recycled into other aluminum products, and coffee grounds, into compost for vegetable farming at Quan Fa Organic Farm, Singapore. We speak to him about his experience at the recycling plant, his dedication to environmental sustainability and find out just how he likes his coffee.

Henry Golding_Nespresso_interview

What are your thoughts on this recycling initiative by Nespresso?

I think it’s a great initiative. Nespresso has really stepped forward, identified where they could socially and environmentally improve and moved into action.

What have you learnt during your trip to the recycling plant and what struck you most as you witnessed the whole recycling process?

I think the sheer fact that Nespresso has invested in the machinery and processes to better the recycling of their used capsules here in Singapore is a great effort on its part. I was also glad to see so many responsible users returning their used capsules to the boutique for recycling.

Henry Golding_Nespresso_interview

Your father is from England and your mother, from the Iban tribe in Sarawak, Malaysia. Has your unique heritage influenced your views on conservation and going green?

Absolutely, I just came off my new Discovery Channel program filming in Sarawak with the tribes out there. It was an eye-opener, and only solidified my beliefs in sustainable practices and responsible programs.

What are some of your other recycling and conservation efforts besides recycling your Nespresso capsules?

Usually daily practices become more than habits – separating trash at home, paper wastage, electricity conservation and a general ecological outlook; it becomes more of an integral lifestyle choice.

Henry Golding_Nespresso_interview

How do you like your morning cuppa?

First thing in the morning I fire up the Nespresso machine, stick in a capsule and make some breakfast. Once the aroma hits, I know it’s ready to get the day started. It’s almost become a ritual. But I always have my coffee the same – black with no sugar!

Like Henry, you can also do your part for the planet while enjoying your cuppa. Visit the Nespresso on Wheels coffee bar at Raffles City, Level 1 from now till July 31 to learn more about the coffee company’s recycling initiative. 

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