“Le Monde de Vendome” – The refined glitter of the Place Vendome

Place Vendôme is a jewelry case for all the jewels of the world.

What is more symbolic to a tourist in search of French expertise than this Parisian square, where high-end jewelry brands intermingle?

For travelers, we present Le monde de Vendôme (The World of Vendôme), a documentary film with the “actors” of Place Vendôme, that will be broadcasted on all AirFrance long-haul flights beginning the 1st of April 2009.

Here is, exclusively for LUXUO readers, the preview to this superb film:

[vimeo 3294946 468 350]

From the renowned brands of Place Vendôme (Cartier, Chanel, Boucheron…) to new designers (Tournaire, Courteille), Le Monde de Vendôme will take you to the exclusive domain of Parisian jewelry and show you the leading trends of luxury jewelry, their characteristics, their designers, as well as the new materials and manufacturing processes…

As you come across these designers, manufacturers, and craftsmen, you will discover the secrets of jewelry, and how Paris, the city of lights and luxury, keeps its creative essence and expertise to continue fascinating the world with its creations, thus remaining the world capital of high-end jewelry.

The entirety of this delectable film (52 mins) can be found on the BARKING DOGS PRODUCTIONS website.