Dockside Crane Hotel

The Harbour Crane can lay claim to being one of the world’s most unusual hotels.

Bloomberg reports that the Crane Hotel was a functioning harbor crane used to unload timber until 12 years ago when a bigger industrial harbor was built nearby.

The machine room of the crane is now a luxurious bedroom for two that hangs 17 meters high between the sky full of seagulls and the roar of the Wadden Sea.

Guests reach the cabin via two elevators, the first stopping at a platform between the crane’s legs and the second shooting them up to what was once the machine room and is now a luxuriously furnished bedroom with lots of windows.

There is a huge double bed, two Charles Eames chairs, a table and a shower that has colored lights you can adapt to your mood.

A large LCD touch screen allows you to watch videos, some of which are provided. A small staircase leads up to the steering cabin.

Among many pleasures, guests in the room can head up to the control room and swing the cabin around.

A fantastic breakfast is included, delivered magically via the internal lift to your bedroom, and there is a small patio.

A night in the crane costs 319 euros and it is usually booked eight months in advance ! For more information, go to