Carla Bruni’s castle sold for $11.5 million

According to Italian newspaper La Stampa, Carla Bruni, France’s first lady, has sold her family’s castle to an Arab sheikh for $11.5 million, dwarfing the $30,000 worth of diamonds she received as an engagement gift.

“Yes, we have finally found a buyer. We had finished with Castagneto Po, nobody went there anymore.” Carla’s mother, Marisa Bruni Tedeschi, said

The Piedmontese castle, near the city of Turin in Italy, dates back to the year 1019 and has been repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt over years. It were bought by industrialist Carla’s father Alberto Bruni Tedeschi in 1952.

The 1,500-square-metre residence has 40 rooms, beautiful 18th century interior and a gorgeous garden.