Ferrari Enzo Abandoned in Dubai

Abandoned Ferrari Enzo

The nine luxury cars that were reportedly up for sale in Dubai have been seized as part of evidence from various crimes and will not be sold.

“The one Ferrari Enzo and the other regular Ferraris are required by Interpol. So, the nine cars are not for sale,” Captain Khalid Al Kamali was quoted as saying.

This comes as a disappointment to the many Brits, Americans, Indians and Russians who reportedly asked to buy the rare Enzo Ferrari.

The exclusive Enzo, one of only 399 in the world, was impounded by officers last year after it was abandoned in a car park and covered in dust in Dubai.

Ferrari Enzo Dubai

It is thought the owner was being chased for unpaid traffic fines after abandoning the supercar 20 months ago.

Lots of expats abandon their expensive cars because in Dubai being in debt is a crime. Under local laws, any car left for more than six months becomes property of the state unless a clear title can be produced and there are no outstanding fines.

Many had expected to see the Ferrari Enzo hit the auction blocks alongside 127 other vehicles that had been abandoned in Dubai over the years. Instead, all they got to see was a lonely Aston Martin alongside more regular Japanese cars.

The car contains a massive aluminum 12 cylinder engine which is able to produce 660 brake horse power and a top speed of 217mph. It can reach 0-60 mph in only 3.4 seconds.

2004 Ferrari Enzo