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Top 15 Most Loved Airlines: Asia Dominates

Aug 11, 2016 / Travel

International air transport rating organization Skytrax lists the top 15 “most loved” airlines of the year with Asian airlines dominating the list.

Prefer Flying A380? Airbus Launches Dedicated Search

Jul 17, 2016 / Jets

Travelers looking to fly long-haul on the Airbus superjumbo can now book tickets directly via a new dedicated online search platform.

Etihad Airways: Best First Class Airline 2016

Jul 14, 2016 / Jets

You don’t need to have your feet on the ground to enjoy the life of luxury, as proven by the new kings of the skies – Emirates, Etihad and Qatar.

Qatar Airways’ Airbus A380, star of the Paris Air Show

Jun 19, 2015 / Jets

An A380 Airbus operated by Qatar Airways is one of the most visited aircrafts at the Paris Air Show.

World’s best airline 2015: Qatar Airways

Jun 17, 2015 / Travel

Qatar has knocked Cathay Pacific Airways from its perch to be named the world’s new favorite airline for 2015.

Qatar Airways flies into the hotel business

Mar 05, 2015 / Hotels

Qatar Airlines is currently in negotiations to buy three hotels situated in North America and in the UK.

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