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The Most Private Island Resort in the World

Jul 14, 2021 / Homes

Located in Gladden, an island fringed with coral and white sand in the heart of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, this is the perfect island resort to get away from it all

Luxury Residences for Yacht Lovers

Sep 29, 2019 /

With the growing number of high net worth individuals come the surge in boat owners looking for prime real estate with access to their beloved ships without leaving their homes

Future Proof: Arkup Luxury "Boathouse"

Mar 04, 2019 / Homes

For sale for US$5.5 million, the luxurious Arkup floating house should be the ultimate high net worth individual’s contingency plan against the looming spectre of rising sea levels

(Luxurious) Livin' on the Edge

Oct 19, 2018 / Homes

The Payette Lake Cliff House is a magnificent waterfront property which organically incorporates the rocky elements with the warmth of oaken fittings.

Tony Stark's Actual House for Sale

Sep 05, 2018 /

The facade in the movie might have been false but the cliffside house where the interior scenes were shot are real. You just need $30 million dollars (minimum)

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