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Inside the World of Hong Kong Billionaire Investor

Mar 05, 2019 / Billionaires

Here’s another crazy rich Asian that manage to slip under the public’s radar

Shanghai Seven-Star Waterfront Hotel Opens

Jun 25, 2016 / Hotels

The over-the-top luxury hotel, The Wanda Reign on the Bund, has opened on Shanghai’s waterfront, billing itself as the city’s first “7-star” hotel.

China now has more billionaires than US

Oct 16, 2015 / Billionaires

The number of billionaires in China has overtaken that of the United States for the first time, an annual survey said Thursday.

VIDEO: Chinese millionaire builds Star Trek office

May 26, 2015 / Design

China’s online gaming operator NetDragon has its headquarters modeled after the Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise, new reports have confirmed.

Chinese tycoon Liu snaps up ancient vase for $15 million

Apr 08, 2015 / Art Republik

Chinese tycoon Liu Yiqian splashed out nearly HK$114 million ($14.71 million) on an ancient vase at auction in Hong Kong Tuesday.

World’s most expensive holiday sold to a student

Apr 24, 2013 / Billionaires

A luxury vacation package costing $1.5 million, dubbed “the world’s most expensive holiday,” has been sold to an unnamed Chinese man.

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