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Tudor Black Bay in Green: A Harrods Special Edition

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay is itself, one of the key defining watches for the brand and now in comes in special edition Harrods Green colourway.

Dec 19, 2017 | By Jonathan Ho

Among watch lovers, there’s a certain affection for “Hulk” diving watches, that is to say, diver watches with green dials and green bezels. “Hulkmania” as we have come to know it in watch collecting circles is a phenomena that can be traced back to Baselworld 2010 when Rolex released a submariner with a never before seen, completely unexpected bright green colour scheme for one of the brand’s most beloved and popular models. Introduced as a replacement for the Submariner’s 50th anniversary – a model which featured the signature black dial framed with a green bezel. Thus, the new 2010 variant was a total surprise and a little controversial.

Yet, despite of its controversy, the “Hulk” became a defining, sought after timepiece for owners looking to standout from your typical black elements on steel Submariner wearing crowd. In fact, it can be argued that the Tudor Black Bay’s appeal was precisely because it was diving watch cloaked in the familiarity of nostalgic design elements courtesy but with long forgotten colour schemes and aesthetics.

Tudor Black Bay in Green: A Harrods Special Edition

The Tudor Black Bay is itself, one of the key defining watches for the brand. Introduced two years after the aforementioned Hulk Submariner which single handedly ignited appetites for green themed timepieces, The Tudor Heritage Black Bay took its place as a seminal timepiece which also stole the limelight from some of its venerable older siblings.

What might have begun as a corporate experiment in watchmaking using Rolex Oyster cases but not its calibres and retailed for less was a history that Tudor sought to shake for the better part of its business history and it is our contention that the  Tudor Heritage Black Bay was the final impetus which made it possible.

Yes, it is true that “Heritage” is a prefix associated with the Black Bay but the Heritage Black Bay, while respectful of the brand’s history, is anything but a heritage re-issue. Instead, like the Hulk, it courts controversy (much in the same way their new brand ambassador, Lady Gaga does). When it was first launched, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay was perceived by purists to be a mish-mash of historical references: a gilt, rose dial, big crown, snowflake hands, etc – it was the sort of thing which while curiously attractive, was generating a lot of discomfort to a segment of watch collectors. That said, President of Tudor, Philippe Peverilli emphasised that the Heritage Black Bay was not a remake but rather an inspired divers watch with heritage elements. Like the Hulk Submariner which launched before it, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay bore the look of a classic Submariner, but with modern day sensibilities.

5 years on, the Tudor Black Bay Green for Harrods is a special edition which takes Hulkmania and “Hulksmashes” it into another genre re-defining timepiece – sure, there’s no green dial but make no mistake, the Harrods green is a focal design element used judiciously across the bezel, the tip of the seconds hand and in fine subversion of another point of Rolexmania, the “single red” line of text – waterproof depth rating is now in green as well. All elements which serve to play up the Harrods Special Edition Tudor Black Bay Green.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay initially presented depth rating with metric metres preceding imperial feet measurements

Tudor makes special emphasis to play up the collaboration with the famed Knightsbridge institution by calling attention to the detail that the waterproof depth rating is presented with imperial feet measurements preceding metric metres rather than the metric measurements first, that we have come to associate with Tudor diving watches but it is also worthwhile to note that Rolex Submariners already do so and perhaps we are reading into this, but inversion of this element on the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Green draws the relationship a little closer (perhaps unintentionally), it would be exciting to see what Tudor releases for Baselworld 2018.

Tudor Black Bay Green Price and availability

Case Stainless steel with 200 metres water resistance
Movement Automatic Manufacture Calibre MT5612 with 70-hour power reserve
Strap Nato strap or stainless steel bracelet
Price £2,630 (Available at Harrods)



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