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Villa Vingt on Lac-Beauport

A Villa located at Lac-Beauport is transformed into a living space with tasteful aesthetics, a strong presence in the panorama and the main façade’s horizontality is reminiscent of some California villas

Dec 19, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

Images courtesy of Adrien Williams

Villa Vingt on Lac-Beauport

Built by Bourgeois Lechasseur architects, the Villa Vingt is built on a slope next to the ski resort Le Relais, located at Lac-Beauport, in Canada. On the upper ground, the residence offers views of the Laurentian hills and Lac-Beauport’s residential area.

Level 1 acts as a base while the upper floor is built on concrete flooring with a living room view from the beautiful property. The living room is the first to draw attention as guests make an entry due to the obvious large glass panelings, fitted to provide a multi-view angle and the offer of an unobstructed view of the mountain landscape.

Inside the interior, highlights the richness of the white cedar ceiling covering the upper floor. This warm material expands beneath the sloped roof to emphasise the continuity between the interior and exterior. Volumes and materials unite to add a touch of warmth to the entrance area for a more distinctive look.

Through the design process, the architects aimed to “optimise the viewpoints, to let the natural light penetrate and to protect the living spaces from the prevailing winds.” To achieve that result, genuine and sober materials were used to bring out that maximum impact through simplicity.

Pictured above, the windows are positioned at a particular angle to create surprising atmospheres, while the dining room’s zenithal skylight offers an elegant view of the treetops, allowing indirect light to play on the cedar laths.

Another unique feature of the home is the staircase revealing the richness of the authentic materials surrounding it, namely the steel and concrete. This home is created to project a strong presence in the panorama. The interaction between volumes and the main façade’s horizontality is reminiscent of some California villas.

In addition, the Bourgeois Lechasseur architectural firm has just won an Award of Excellence in Architecture awarded by the OAQ for the The Place des gens de mer at the heart of Cap-aux-Meules, a village in the Magdalen Islands.

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