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On Newsstands: WOW Spring 2020

A changing world collides with the first issue of WOW Singapore for 2020, heralding unprecedented times

Apr 01, 2020 | By Ashok Soman

 While the Spring issue of WOW Singapore (issue 56) managed to catch all the fair cancellations before going to print, this is not the end of the news cycle. While the issue does address our current global situation, we focus our efforts on curating just the right kind of content for the moment.

With all the hand-washing that is currently going on, we have actually lucked into just the most appropriate kind of story: watches with bracelets. In fact, we have a 20-page special on the subject forming the backbone of this issue. We certainly hope you are washing your hands frequently, and have a watch with a great bracelet to ease your mind while you are at it. Happily, our cover star, the Rado Captain Cook, also comes with a great bracelet option.

As our subscribers and dedicated following will know, the bracelet articles this issue build on the sports watch feature that we covered in the previous issue, which you can already read online via

Elsewhere in issue 56, we look at less topical concerns, but still build on our editorial leanings and lessons-learned from 2019. The unisex watch is one such editorial concern for the WOW team, as well as the unsung novelties of 2019 that still need some attention. The editor is certain that the key highlights of 2019 will play a strong role in 2020 too.

“We live in truly unprecedented times, and we’ll need to consider unprecedented moves. With that in mind, we’ll be covering all the watches that are currently in our market, even if these are not new for 2020; if we have already covered them, we’ll take another look, from a different angle. For collectors, now is the time to take your time to assess how you feel about what is in the market right now, and we’ll be following you on that journey,” said WOW Editor-in-Chief Ashok Soman.

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