Bulgari’s New Digital Ambassador: Jasmine Sanders

Michael Avedon lenses Jasmine Sanders, known as Golden Barbie, with Bulgari’s new jewellery collection in the Big Apple.

Feb 02, 2017 | By Luxuo
Jasmine Sanders for Bulgari by Michael Avedon

Bulgari appoints the Instagram star of diverse heritage as their new face for the digital scene (Photographs courtesy of Bulgari)

Bulgari understands what this age is about: diversity and interconnectedness. Just look at their new Digital Ambassador: Instagram star and eminent model Jasmine Sanders (@golden_barbie) of diverse heritage, with 2.1 million followers on the social media platform.

Jasmine Sanders for Bulgari by Michael Avedon

Jasmine’s affinity with Bulgari lies in her favour towards Italian design. “Bulgari is more than a brand. It represents pure Italian luxury that’s larger than life”, Jasmine says. As a fresh face for Bulgari; her connectedness on social media speaks of Bulgari’s desire to be more than just a luxury brand, but to also participate in and respond to the interconnectedness of modern life.

Jasmine Sanders for Bulgari by Michael Avedon

Michael Avedon’s shoot of Jasmine in the Big Apple as she dons the new line of Bulgari jewellery is not the typical high fashion shoot; it marries elegance with approachability. Jasmine’s charm shines through and her look complements the vibrancy of New York City while lending the city a personal charm.

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