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Fashion Capsule “Reflexion” Sees Spanish Producer Márgenes Go “Back to Origins” of Femininity

“Márgenes” is a photo series communicating the acceptance of oneself, to the transcendence of fashion in women.

May 10, 2024 | By Sanjeeva Suresh

“Reflexion” is the brainchild of producer Márgenes Concepto. Photographed by Francesco Javier Honrubia Piña in the ‘Ruta de los Valles’ Forna Mountains of Alicante, Spain, “Reflexion” features designs by creative duo Noelia Olivares and Sergio Popa. Aside from being the first name of the producer, “Márgenes” is also a Spanish word that has several meanings including “extremities”, “margins” and “sides”.

“Reflexion” features a selection of photographs showcasing a modern take on the fashions of an ancient Egyptian woman. The collection aims to inspire a fresh perspective on beauty and to convey a powerful message about self-acceptance and the free expression of personality through clothing. Interestingly enough the clothes are ethereal, goddess-like, which are reminiscent of Greek goddesses. And if you read up on your ancient history, you will know that Greeks and Egyptians did cross paths. The sartorial choices of shimmering, flowing fabrics, dresses that hug the body and sensual pieces that are not overtly sexual but rather hone into the empowerment of women and the autonomy she has over her own body.

This series of photographs highlights how certain aspects of the Egyptian woman from over four thousand years ago, are still ahead of her time to this day. The photos also aim to bring into discussion elements of women’s fashion from those times. It explores the connections between fashion and identity, aiming to highlight diversity and authenticity, surpassing stereotypes related to age, gender, and physical appearance. The “tissues” and fabrics are genuine linen brought directly from Egypt, made by an organisation that hires skilled workers to use the ancient techniques of manufacturing. All embroidery and jewellery are hand-made by Spanish designers and artisans, that highlight key Egyptian symbols like the RA. RA is the Egyptian Sun God who symbolises life-giving energy. The photos therefore create a visual “illusion” playing with the light of the sunset on the model’s silhouettes.

The scarab motif is associated with rebirth and renewal. The metaphor for the sun’s journey across the sky showcases symbols of eternal life and immortality. They represent the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, offering hope for an everlasting existence. Scarabs are also believed to bring good luck and fortune to those who wear or possess them. The Winged Sun Disk with its outstretched wings represents protection and divine power from the Sky God. They belonged to the goddess of motherhood, magic, fertility, and protection — Isis.

The photo series aims to depict how the core values of “eternal feminine beauty” and modernism have not changed throughout the millennia. It also aims to question who the viewer is and seek them to define a sense of belonging and existence within the context of the 21st century by looking back at history’s remote past. “Reflexion” aims to show that fashion and design are not limited to age, origins, or time, but are truly about attitudes from within.

The team and credits are as follows:

Designers: Noelia Olivares @liavo_design and Sergio Popa @byfeher
Photographer: Francesco Javier Honrubia Piña @javierrpina 
Makeup: Maruska @m_f_o_r_m_e
Hair stylist: Nadia Pohl
Models: Yismelis @yiismelis, Mugy @danaisthenameofmycat from Carmen Durán Agency, Valencia, Mila @beauty_tempel_by_mila and Raquel Ferrero 
Location: ‘Ruta de los Valles’, Forna Mountains, Alicante, Spain
Tissues: El Bayiomi Cotton&Linen, Aswan, Egypt
Metalic outfits/accessoires: Luís Rama Anda @luisramajoyeria
Producer: Márgenes Concepto
Dissemination: TV show

By an idea of Adriana Godeanu Metz (@Márgenes.Concepto)

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