BLISS, Blooms, and Bougainvilleas: A New Luxury Floral Service Comes to Singapore

Bliss Flower Boutique makes its debut with the opening of an online service and physical store in Raffles Place, Singapore.

May 15, 2024 | By Florence Sutton

“I can buy myself flowers,” goes the famous chorus from Miley Cyrus’ 2023 hit single Flowers — an anthem of self-empowerment and independence. However, the song also speaks to the prominence of the role that flowers play in our society. Beyond a showcase of love, flowers are a personalised gift that works for just about any occasion — a second date, a wedding table centrepiece, a birthday, an anniversary, or an apology. They can also be scaled to fit a range of events from a phenomenal arch to a dainty bouquet. Plus, they smell heavenly which only adds to their appeal. Enter BLISS Flowers, a floral service providing breathtaking bouquets and floral arrangements. The bespoke service includes event designs and brand activations from dinner parties to corporate engagements and grand weddings. With over 15 years of experience and a rare selection of flowers found nowhere else in the region, BLISS prides itself on providing a carefully curated experience that reflects its client’s wishes.

BLISS Flowers

Now, BLISS Flower Boutique is expanding its presence in Asia with the opening of a physical store in Singapore after the success of its Middle Eastern counterparts in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. BLISS also boasts an esteemed list of partners including Cartier, Gucci, Ferrari, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and the Four Seasons hotels to name a few, highlighting the company’s versatility in providing for clients across the automotive, fashion, and luxury hotelier industries. LUXUO speaks to Abbey Dean, Co-Founder and Creative Director, to find out more about the latest developments on BLISS and how they differentiate themselves from other luxury floral services on the market.

BLISS Flowers
Abbey Dean, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Bliss Flower Boutique

Tell us about the birth of BLISS in the UAE and its distinctive DNA?

My journey in the Emirates began in 2006 as head florist at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, where my passion for flowers flourished. BLISS was born out of a shared love for florals and a keen eye for design. In 2008, my co-founder Michael Lennon and I recognised a gap in the market for luxury floral design in the UAE. We were at an age where taking risks was a possibility. In hindsight, it was an entrepreneurial mindset, an intrinsic motivation, and drive, coupled with a lot of hard work.

Our growth since then has been incredible, yet our core values remain unchanged — we still want to source the freshest florals, provide superior service, and keep up with design trends, while staying true to our signature aesthetic. We always have a plan! However, a dynamic foresight is key to growth through different life cycles of the business.

Abbey Dean, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Bliss Flower Boutique

You have expanded to other countries in the Middle East (Qatar, Saudi Arabia) and have set up a dynamic branch in Singapore. How unique is the service provided to clients?

We have the most talented florists and designers on our team. Our florals are the freshest; they don’t spend a lot of time in freezers and or simply kept for longer. We have forged relationships with our suppliers globally over decades and you will find flowers here that are found nowhere else in other boutiques in the region.

Looking at the century-long tradition of flower compositions in Japan (Ikebana), is floral arrangements an art in itself?

Florals speak their own language, don’t they? Of course, there’s floriography in literature and art; flowers and plants have been ascribed emblematic meaning to them historically and across cultures. To me, a floral gift from BLISS is the most effective way to convey human emotion. It’s luxury without being material, it is timeless and so alive.

BLISS provides a bespoke house flower service, can you tell us more about this initiative?

Our Bespoke+ service is truly one-of-a-kind, offering exclusive service arranging for every new replenishment with our top floral designers. Subscribers specify their preferred flower types, colours, styles, and even the location to adorn the house. With each new replenishment, our team will meticulously curate exquisite designs that reflect the client’s unique tastes and preferences. It’s a personalised experience like no other, ensuring that every arrangement is tailored to meet the individual’s needs.

When working with customers looking at organising an event and using BLISS services, what are your initial questions?

I make sure my first questions aren’t too overwhelming or intrusive so I start with a light-hearted conversation that tells me more about my client’s preferences. I love hearing their story whether it’s a corporate client, a luxury brand, or a bride. For corporate clients and brands, it’s more about getting to know their tone and voice whereas for brides it’s getting to know their favorite movie, shoe brand, or favourite scent. During this conversation, I also try to understand their dislikes and make them feel comfortable enough to communicate almost any thought, feeling or feedback at any time.

Can our readers order BLISS flower arrangements online?

Yes, absolutely! Ordering BLISS’s flowers and gifts online is a pure breeze. In fact, I want to make a gift for your readers. Let’s make it a 15 percent discount code valid for a month from the publication of this article. Let’s call the discount code: BLISSFULLYABBEY.

What is the BLISS Personal Shopper experience all about?

It’s part of our loyalty program, BLISS LEVELS, where clients unlock exclusive rewards as they level up. Once you reach the highest BLISS Level, you get access to our Personal Shopper service. Our skilled florists offer 24-hour consultation services, guiding you through all floral, event, and subscription shopping needs.

Abbey Dean, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Bliss Flower Boutique

How do you see your company, BLISS grow in five years? Would it expand to other South-East Asian markets?

Oh, so much in terms of expansion and consolidation. But let me tell you about an aspect of my work that always gets me excited. We’re pushing boundaries with floral event production, challenging ourselves when it comes to timelines, new ideas, and innovative materials. I have become increasingly interested in eco-sustainable floristry — I have much to explore in that space.

What is your ultimate mantra in life?

Keep smiling, even when the going gets tough. I smile even when I’m having a bad day, and when I get a smile back from a stranger, it just changes my mood. Believe in yourself; we are all meant to achieve greatness. Make a plan, and then make it work, no matter what. Resilience is everything!

To make an appointment with BLISS Flower Boutique head to their website or contact them here:

WhatsApp: +65 9276 9455

Enjoy a 15 percent discount code with BLISSFULLYABBEY, valid for a month from the publication of this article.

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