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Luxury Jewellery Brand, Tabayer Takes an Introspective Approach Ahead of the Collection Launch

Nigora Tokhtabayeva wants to harness the power of protective talismans using ethically sourced gemstones.

Jul 22, 2021 | By Joseph Low
a photo of a colourful stone on the sand from Lina Scheynius photo-essay for Tabayer jewelry Tabayer jewellery

Credit: Lina Scheynius

Fine jewellery brand, Tabayer has released a photo essay in anticipation of the brand’s upcoming collection launch in Fall this year. A series of images were captured by London-based designer Lina Scheynius, which aptly reflects the brand’s focus on the symbology of protection.

For Nigora Tokhtabayeva, the founder of Tabayer, her upcoming collection will be linked to the idea of talismans. In response to the impact of the mankind on the planet
Tokhtabayeva had time to reflect on during the pandemic, pieces from the new collection will be crafted exclusively from environmentally and ethically conscious materials. In other words, the gold used will be Fairmined while the diamonds will follow strict guidelines set out under the Kimberly process.

Joining Tokhtabayeva on her journey of personal reflection is Scheynius. Through her signature photography style that is unrestrained, uncontrived and personal, Scheynius looked back on the past works she has done in the last five years. The through-line for her introspective visual essay is anchored on these five words: personal, intimate, femininity, otherworldly and magic.

This amalgamated into images that are not what one would expect from a typical jewellery brand. The high-octane, glitzy and sparkly troupe that dominates most brands are not reflected in Scheynius’ works. Rather, the images produced are pensive, contemplative and almost introverted. Perhaps it is the colours, or the lack thereof; some are greyscaled. And this is interesting because it begs the question of what is going to be installed for the collection launch.

Will the collection be equally subdued and contemplative? We will find out when Tabayer unveils it this Fall. To follow the collection launch announcement, sign up to the Tabayer newsletter at this or follow the brand’s Instagram: @tabayer

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