Bulgari’s Most Expensive Scent “Opera Prima” Has Now Been Sold

This fragrance from Bulgari smashed the record for being the world’s most expensive scent, when a private client bought the bottle for quite a princely sum.

Jan 31, 2018 | By Andrea Sim

Bulgari’s Most Expensive Scent “Opera Prima” Has Now Been Sold

Created by master perfumer Daniela Andrier, “Opera Prima” in collaboration with a famous glassmaker from Venini, the beautiful bottle is decorated with gold leaf and gems, including diamonds.

Inspired by Roman amorpha, “Opera Prima” exudes notes of lemon, orange blossom, musk and florals combined, thus reflecting the very best of the Mediterranean aromas.

Blending skillful art of both jewelry and perfume making, the label was designed to honour Bulgari’s 130th anniversary, and when the “Opera Prima” fragrance made its debut in 2014, it had received a lot of attention.

As of now, Bulgari’s luxury fragrance “Opera Prima” dubbed ‘the most expensive scent in the history of perfume’ has now been sold to a private client at an eye-watering sum of €200,000.

It is not surprising why the perfume’s value did go over the top as it was attributed to the joint creation between the famous glassmaker and Bulgari as well as the bottle diligently crafted to a pure Italian style, with 250 karats of citrine, 4.45 karats of amethyst and 25 karats of diamond encrusted on the bottle.

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